There are three numbers to call depending on the grade level: A parent or guardian may excuse a child for up to ten days in a school year, provided the excuse is in writing and prior to the absence. District Notice of Non-Discrimination: The Associate Superintendent of Human Resources may delegate this responsibility as needed. Computer Lab is open from 8: Infinite Campus – Staff Portal. Lee, or the teacher in charge if the computer is not working properly or if they need help with software.

Back to School Information Students are required to make up their schoolwork prior to their absence. There are four minutes to pass between classes. Students take proper care of computer equipment. No food may be taken from the commons. Treat peers with respect. The following behavior expectations apply:

All absences after the twentieth day excused and unexcused not verified by a M.

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Parents picking their child up during the school day must report to the office to pick up their child. These are recorded on a per quarter basis. No eating or drinking on the bus. Grade-level teams of teachers are available during school hours by scheduled appointment.

Use of gold card for hall pass. If the problem cannot be resolved with the principal, the parent’s written complaint should be sent to the District Administrator for review and action. After school detention 3: The purpose of the dance is to create a social setting where students ages can come and have a fun night together. Suspended for remainder of day and one additional day. Consequences will hotlnie initiated as soon as possible. Physical aggression against any person.


Ayden Middle School

Important notes about the dance: Students not riding the bus will remain in their classrooms until busses have departed. Office personnel will 6yh emergencies arising when the nurse is not present.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

A request to appear before the Board as an agenda item established at least two weeks in advance of the Board meeting. Possession or use of alcohol or other drugs and paraphernalia. Extended after school detention or xms as deemed necessary by the principal. Transportation must be provided by the student.

However, the riding privileges will be suspended for ten days. Hotlien students shall treat adults with respect no arguing, disrespect, talking back, defiance, etc.

Repeated and multiple Level One infractions. You are asked to maintain a quiet atmosphere. Information on how to become or work with a peer tutor can be obtained in the school office. Parents are encouraged to check the notebooks regularly at home and call the homework hotline to verify assignments.


ams 6th grade homework hotline

The counselor is available to students, parents and teachers. Individuals shall indicate whom they represent and shall be asked to comment on their interest or concerns.

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Level 2 – Infractions with school disciplinary consequences. A written determination of the complaint will be made by the board within 90 days of receipt of the complaint unless the parties agree to an extension of time; appeals under 20 W. All grades will submit to students a supply list needed prior to starting the school year. Individual student achievement on test scores obtained on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination: If the problem cannot be resolved in Step 1, it shall then be brought to the principal.

Complaints by students or parents regarding unlawful discrimination or unlawful harassment including sexual hootline shall follow the procedures of District Rule After-School Detentions must be served within two school days of the assigned date or the student advances to the next consequence.

Bikes must be parked and locked in designated racks at the front of the building.