However, Research Student Admin will not send the hard copy on to the examiners until the School have confirmed that the Turnitin report is satisfactory. Theses which do not meet these requirements risk being rejected. Please note that it you are posting your thesis, it must by received by Research Student Administration by your submission deadline. Where additional examiners have been appointed, extra soft bound copies of your thesis will be required for each examiner. At the same time you must also submit your thesis electronically usually in pdf format to the Turnitin plagiarism detection system. Your supervisor should ask you to choose someone. However, it should be stressed that this is very dependent on individual examiners and their availability and, therefore, it may not always be possible to adhere to these time constraints.

Thesis Submission and Examination. Please do not pester your internal examiner until both you and your supervisor agree that you have waited quite long enough. Major modifications usually include one or more larger pieces of work and minor modifications as described above. The maximum number of words in the thesis or report is shown in the table below. Of your two final, permanently bound theses, one goes to Research Student Admin for the University Library. At the moment, this just extends to increasing the number of environments and macros that it knows how to handle. In any case, the University Code of Practice says that you should be able to comment on the choice of examiners before the Research Students Tutor signs off the nominations form.

Thesis Submission and Examination

Beyond that, there are numerous small rules that the university changes frequently. You should receive an email from the University telling you the deadline for these; the deadline will be about a month before the graduation ceremony. When you submit your thesis, please notify the School Research Student Administrator of the date of submission and the exact title of the thesis.


The date bhak be important to the School, and we don’t receive direct notification from the University. The calculation of the word length excludes: Most people prefer to be there in person though you submidsion have to.

Of your two final, permanently bound theses, one goes to Research Student Admin for the University Library. Especially for major corrections, you are strongly advised to consult your supervisor before submitting them.

bham thesis submission

Whilst it takes some getting used to, this really is a good thing as it was born with typesetting scientific papers as its main objective.

You can submit your thesis in person at the Thess Webb Student Hub. Such permission will be granted for sound academic reasons and notified to the Senate or delegated authority at the beginning of the Registered Student’s registration. This should be thesos with a good research reputation in your field who can impartially assess your work.

If submossion have any queries regarding the Turnitin process, please contact the PGR administrator within your School. Permission is only granted in exceptional circumstances and you are advised to discuss this with your supervisor at an early stage. The internal examiner is usually from the School of Computer Science, but this is not a requirement.

So, it is important to:. You are commenting using your Google account. After you have handed in your “Notice of Intention to Submit” formyour supervisor will receive a form on which to nominate your examiners and chairperson.

Here you can find the current rules and regulations for theis presentation. You must also give the School a copy of your thesis declaration form, in which you sign a declaration that the electronic copy submitted to Turnitin is an exact copy of submision copies submitted for examination.


He or she ensures that the viva is run properly and fairly, taking notes and helping where necessary to clarify misunderstandings.

Thesis Submission and Examination

The chair is not an examiner. The School Research Student Administrator will assist you in this.

bham thesis submission

It is possible to submit earlier but you have to have permission to do so from the University. Bam the chair, it is important that he or she should be someone whose fairness you trust.

There are still a few unresolved issues in this file, so be careful:.

bham thesis submission

Tell the Research Students Tutor if this would cause you difficulties because of approaching deadlines. In practice, the University will accept this form less than three months before you hand in your thesis but you may find that your viva will be delayed. It is usually an academic from another university.

Submitting your Thesis (and Graduating)

Note especially the layout of your title-page as shown on page 5. Fill in the form and send it in three months before you intend to hand in your thesis. In applying for this you need your supervisor and the School to say whether they support your application.

Worth looking through early to give you ideas later.

Thesis binding at the University of Birmingham

If there are to be more examiners, then your supervisor will discuss this with the Research Students Tutor. You should receive a letter from the University beforehand asking whether you wish to attend. Please note that it you are posting your thesis, it must by received by Research Student Administration by your submission deadline.