The Department Chairman or an invited external member expert in the area or field of the project to be examined in case no qualified faculty member will be available. In special cases, inform and ask approval of the adviser and the panel of examiners for the changes that will be done on the topic presented and approved in the proposal. Use capital letters of the English alphabet to track appendices. It’s a summary of the features alluded to in the description. Tables must not be divided or cut into two pages. It is already arranged in chronological order for easy reference. By Desiree Jane Pana.

The students will have to undergo two oral defenses. Researching Information System and Computing. A review of related systems contains description of existing systems that are relevant to the proposed capstone project. Table 16 cont’d Symbols should be used for level of significance. Categorize references as published and unpublished. All information including page numbers should be within the text area.

The students ced have to undergo two oral defenses. Symbols should be used for level of significance. If possible the adviser should be: Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis c.

Capstone Project Ched Format

It evaluates previous and current research projsct regard to how relevant or useful it is and how it relates to your own research. As part of administrative responsibility, the College Dean may sit during the oral examination. Modeling and Simulation Human Computer Interaction a. If there are special hardware e.


capstone project ched

Place the table caption sideways also so that all parts can be conveniently read together. Submit all documents and information on the dates prescribed. In numbering the text and the pages of Reference Material, numbering is continuous from Volume I to the end of the last Volume.

Revised guidelines-ICS theses | Lien Nhoj Capule –

Maintain regular at least twice a month contact with their adviser to report the progress of their work, as well as raise any issues or concerns. The title or caption set above the body of the table should identify the table briefly. It is more than an annotated bibliography or a summary, because you are organizing and presenting your sources capstonr terms of their overall relationship to your study.

As much as possible, cqpstone adviser should be a full-time faculty member of the College.

capstone project ched

Materials must be printed on one side of the paper only. This page is optional.

Meets the team regularly at least twice a month, NOTE: In addition, common terms that have special meaning in the study should be defined in this section. Licensed software- Criteria for selection ,i. The Introduction narrows the focus of the study and provides a brief rationale for why the particular study is worth pursuing.

Be explicit as to whether an existing theory will be verified or another theory will be developed or proposed; c. Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems; d. Arabic numerals are used. Duplication Processes and Materials All computer typing must be of letter quality. Automata and Formal Languages b. Spacing, Paragraphing and Indentions a.


prokect Margins on other sides shall be two and a half centimeters or one inch. If color is essential to the content, all copies must contain original color presentations printed in the highest quality, permanent ink, or presented as photographic prints. Text, tables and figures must be presented in black ink only.

It is capstonr that through this activity the students would be able to show their comprehensive knowledge in their respective field and at the same time be able to apply the concepts learned to their chosen field of specialization. Sources should come from referred books, journals and other publications.

Capstone Project Ched Format – [PPTX Powerpoint]

Do not copy and paste your exactly what was written in the manuscript! Discussion of specific features of other systems that you intend to replicate and improve projsct help define what is to be expected in your project.

The general text of the manuscript shall be double spaced.