Aditya, Katti Business Solutions for Realeyes. A Case Study of multinational mobile phone manufacturers in India. Fardell, Chloe Understanding the issues and factors of crowdsourcing tasks in a call centre environment. Ding, Yun How do the models to measure bubbles in the stock market. The case of Pakistan. Choi, Hei Ting Comparing the systematic risk of developing and developed countries in East Asia: Bruce, Maureen Mathematics anxiety:

A Case Study of Malaysia. Implications for health promotion. Batra, Ashima Managing Diversity in India: Alimi, Taiwo An exploratory study of how paediatric student nurses who are religious respond to the religious needs as an aspect of spirituality of the children and their families in hospitals. Antoniou, Antigoni Aris: Chaisiriphan, Boonpicha Investigation into the quality issues in the automotive industry in Thailand. Jeyaraj, Indumathi To what extent does the corporate persona impinge upon the ethical self?

Long-run and short-run determinants. A Case Study on Nepal.

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Case studies combination on a SME, a large-scale international organization and a professional Third-party Logistics Company. The case study of “Zerde”.

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Profitability and Efficiency, Carey, Mekele The mental health implications of street sex work: Carter, Laura Delivering palliative care in the community: An Empirical case study of an Indian firm.


Foster, Christopher Oh Matron! Anam-Skorczewska, Liliana Sustainability reporting in the supermarket industry in the United Kingdom: A Strategic market Analysis. Hughes, Jennifer A critical exploration of the barriers and opportunities to the effective management of later life depression. Chauvin, Matthieu Beyond Spin: Flaxman, Polly Honey treatment as a primary dressing for venous leg ulcers: Choi, Hei Ting Comparing the systematic risk of developing and developed countries in East Asia: Carroll, Roopam Part A: Brown, Amy Staff nurses perceptions of the impact of long stay oncology admission on family relationships.

Kalupahana Liyanage, Nuwanjith Bettans De Ssn Designing and studying a food diary application to explore environmental awareness.

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Evidence from the Spanish Market. Abdullah, Yasir To develop a B2B critical success factor framework in order to attain key supplier status.

case study wardah apparel sdn bhd

Fyson, Nick Sustaining competitive advantage in the UK’s rail spares overhaul market. Hallett, Sarah Benefits and barriers to physical activity in undergraduate student nurses. Exploring the role of language on deciding whether to localise or standardise an international advertising campaign.


Bell, Ashley Subtle Discrimination at Work: A comparative study from a board level perspective. Jain, Alpika Retail Sector in India.

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Gajendra, Nischal Nelpate How can the discipline of business case definition ensure that IT infrastructure programmes are completed successfully and deliver business value? Gale, James William An investigation into the aerospace industry with specific reference to the aero-engine sector and its electronic advancements.

A study based on the Indian Economy.

Hill, Olivia Wzrdah investigation into the differing health information needs of patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Excellence in Practice: Chen, Shengming Determinants of Capital Structure: A case study from the mobile Health sector in Tanzania.

An investigation into how posts and 90s in Shanghai can be attracted, motivated and retained by rewards.

Danswasvong, Thepdanai Testing the biased geometric Brownian motion. Kapoor, Avya Strategic perspectives of outsourcing; The view within studyy insurance industry.

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