We have the lowest minimum wage of the rest of Canada. This is highlighted by Figures 3 a -3 c below. The term network as opposed to system stresses that independent actors rely on each other only when the relationship proves beneficial. This program increased benefits to families with children; however, it was tied to employment and was therefore unfavorable toward single mothers. Surprisingly, not many interviewees discussed the role of faith in driving food bank growth. As rural and industrial employment declined in the rest of Canada, workers migrated to Alberta looking for work. Food banks, it was found, are extremely heterogeneous, both in their on-site activities and their political involvement.

Labor is measured according to time spent on tasks in hours. History of food banks In Canada, food banks have, in the past thirty years, taken over a primary role in ensuring food access for the most impoverished population. Over the span of one year, we frequented the food bank at multiple times per month and took note of and participated in activities. One food bank director was positive about the role of Food Banks Canada, noting that in recent years they had become more active in pushing for federal policies.

In addition, dissertatiln dependence on donors for both food supplies and finances often leads them to avoid making overtly political statements Poppendieck a.

The givers almost always claim tax deduction, or charity status.

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This includes the sources of funding that food banks receive; their political involvement and how they are affected alimentaure policies and economic shifts; their relationship to politicians, the food industry, and the media; and other relevant institutions that affect food banks. In addition, the food bank network is marked by a lack of data and information about the amount of food distributed and the role of various actors.

dissertation gaspillage alimentaire

They also acknowledge distributions of power within institutions and the importance of looking at gaspilpage scales— global, national, and local. In Edmonton, shelter allowance received cuts in Ohls and Saleem-Ismail note that gasoillage emergency food assistance system sites are locally-based and have a wide alimeentaire Essay on xmas tree how to make research papers about business sustainability dissertation planner app visual studio contemporary mathematics homework help dissertation litterature definition fantastique.


Interviews lasted between 1 and 2 hours. However, as Riches documents, the government started cutting welfare benefits and reducing eligibility, especially in western Canada. While our data suggests that food banks have, on the whole, tried to resist unequal power relationships between their users and the food industry, they have become increasingly dependent on corporate donors and have had to modify their political advocacy accordingly.

On the whole, the s and s saw a sudden shift in the Canadian policy landscape. This system mirrors that of Feeding America, where donors provide food supplies to large food banks, which then redistribute their supplies to agencies such as emergency kitchens and food pantries, finally being picked up by recipients locally See Figure 1.

One result of this kind of cost-cutting is that many workers become under-employed, further exacerbating the precarity of labor in Canada. In this way, while a local community might have legal access to a river, the national government can block that access through coercion; similarly, a corporation can claim access to this river by having more legitimacy than the community.

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You cannot ‘delete’ food! The fifth and final chapter evaluates these findings in the context of the literature and our theoretical framework.

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Bythe Canadian Association of Food Banks CAFB; later Food Banks Canada FBC was formed, with the goal of becoming a network for food banks that could exchange strategies between food banks and gather information about hunger in Canada in order to address policy. Yet, on the whole, the continuing influence of the food movement and community food security discourse has led many food alimentairw to shift their practices away from being primarily providers of emergency food aid to using food as a tool for addressing social issues.


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Yet, it was also noted that a lot of smaller food banks are not involved politically, it depended on the area they were located and the staff. Indeed, in some countriesespecially in rich countriesa lot of food is wasted while in other countriespoorer people do not have much to eat and starve s. Alimfntaire to this interviewee, food supply sources were largely due to personal decisions from store managers, rather than a coherent organized strategy.

How do food banks negotiate these power dynamics?

dissertation gaspillage alimentaire

Our data presented below is structured with this in mind. However, he did note that there does seem to be a shift in the types of services food banks do provide toward more community-involved activities.

Given stable funding, they will tend toward participatory models, focusing their attention to political issues. That’s enough food for nearly 3 alimenfaire

TEFAP redistributed surplus food from government warehouses to emergency food assistance providers such as food banks, while providing funding to help keep these organizations afloat. Second, it was less preoccupied with food distribution, and at first had no staff—the board, consisting of directors from different food banks, did most of the work.

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Our study suggests that community food insecurity cannot just be addressed through welfare or through the market—it requires a complex, dynamic approach that empowers local organizations and acknowledges the social cost of uneven development. To do this, we first drew up a list of prominent researchers, food bank organizations, and politicians, as gathered from the literature review.

What kinds of food banks exist? While these perspectives are important, they fail to take into account the unequal relationships that often drive environmental degradation. TEFAP went through several phases: How are they typified?