Estimate various pharmaceutical compounds by instrumental techniques. They should be able to select suitable experimental models on animals for various pharmacological activities and their statistical analysis and to write and compile the original thesis report. Presently 05 faculty members are pursuing for their Ph. Pharma Post graduation M. Satyam Som of B. Presently 04 faculty members are pursuing for their Ph. Pharm Pharmaceutics Aakash Upadhaya Dr.

Explain the knowledge of plant source, cultivation, collection, processing and commercial varieties of alkaloidal drugs. To get complete knowledge of dosage forms and how their bioavailability and therapeutic effect can be enhanced. Pharm students are placed in different Industries of high repute. Explain the different types of surfactants and polymers and how they can be used to stabilize Pharmaceuticals. Give rational behind how effect of drug is potentiated or inhibited in physiological systems or pathological states.


Make use of fornat of preparation and quantitative determination of various inorganic and pharmaceutical compounds. Understand method of preparation of various Normal and Molar solutions. Nishant Kumar Formulation and Evaluation of Doxycycline proniosomal gel for treatment of periodontitis. Outline various formulations viz. Assume participatory roles as responsible citizens or leadership roles when appropriate to facilitate improvement in health and wellbeing.

Nitin Sharma was awarded Ph. Explain the catalytic role of enzymes, importance of enzyme inhibitors, therapeutic and diagnostic applications of enzymes. I foresee this college rank among the top Pharmacy fkrmat in India very soon. Explain the structure, nomenclature, Chemistry and synthetic procedure of heterocyclic compounds.


Apply the use of medicinal plant, cultivation, collection, processing and storage of plant with its industrial importance.

Make your mark with us. Synthesis and Biological Activity of 3 substitutedphenyl 4-methoxyphenyl -7H-[1, 2, 4 triazolo[3,4-b][1,3,4] thiadiazine. Pharmaceutics-I BP T Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to Student will be able to recollect the history of profession of pharmacy and gbru scope of PharmacyPharmacopoeias and define basic terms student will be able to thsis parts of prescription and identify errors Student will be able to calculate dose for children and perform other simple pharmaceutical calculations to prepare formulations.

Explain the basic concepts of quality control and quality assurance as per Pharmacopoeial guidelines. Apply the methods for the preparation of buffers and measurement of pH.

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CO 1 Know the techniques in the cultivation, collection, processing and storage of drugs of natural origin with reference to medicinal plants. An update Ashwlayan, V.

gbtu m pharm thesis format

Analyze the compendia requirements of dissolution testing. Pharmaceutical Engineering BP T Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to Explain principles and concepts of Stoichiometry. Identify stereochemical features such as optical isomerism, foemat isomerism and conformational isomerism. Determine the concentration of unknown sample of drug by Dose Response Forkat method in guinea pigs.

Identify qualitatively the various inorganic ions. Also to study commonly used laboratory animals and instruments and to explain the use of computer simulated softwares for pharmacology practicals to minimize the use of living animals. Current scenario and future stratigies. MIET has been an exceptional place till date.


gbtu m pharm thesis format

Understand the stereochemical aspects of organic compounds and stereochemical reactions. Explain the synthetic procedure and pharmaceutical applications of medicinal agents.

Development of novel drug delivery systems and their evaluation using sophisticated instruments like Brookfield viscometer, Picodrop etc. Students learn to use advanced techniques of MS-PowerPoint and to publish presentations to the Web. Student will be able to apply the basics to compare formah choose method of preparation for the specified dosage form. To be an outstanding institution in the country imparting technical education, providing need based, value based and career based programmes and producing self-reliant, self-sufficient technocrats, capable of meeting new challenges.

Vigilance BOP On completion of the course fogmat will be able to: To improve stability and effectiveness of drug.

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Physical Pharmaceutics I BP T Understand various physicochemical properties of drug molecules in designing the dosage forms. CO 4 Acquire knowledge on pharmacognostic study thesiw plants under the category of primary and secondary metabolites. Course Outcome Students are able to select experimental models for various pathophysiological conditions as well as to analyze and interpret data.