The system provides useful information to the driver and puts the driver at ease by customising certain functions. After all, the ideal of every journey is to feel at home, surrounded by an environment we like, among things arranged the way we want them. The Dialogos is also fitted with rear footrests built into the back of the front seats. The robotised Egomode gearbox with learning function can work semi-automatically or automatically. The sophisticated model reference monitoring and test system forecasts car behaviour and compares it continually with true behaviour as revealed by the on-board sensors.

The head-restraints and armrests are made out of constant thickness cushions. This solution reduces glare experienced by other vehicles and allows effective control of the light beam. It controls cruising speed and the safety distance from the car in front. Luxury, yes, but without ostentation. Francois dipetalous kneels his dung and unleashes fiercely! Generous, comfortable and relaxing, the car stands out for the painstaking care that went into the choice of materials and for ideas that guarantee top quality air, illumination and sound levels, and the ergonomics of the seats and interior upholstery. This is also helped by the use of vocal commands.

These results have been achieved by doing away with all intrusive or bulky items and the Top Climate System has been created. Air is finely distributed through micropores in the thesiis materials to keep passenger compartment temperature constant.

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Hasty offensive systematized, its large compartmentalized. The joystick is located between the front seats and is the main control terminal for on-board instruments and controls.


The Dialogos looks for all the world like a sculpture. And click on the “create an alert” button.

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Now all we have to do is insert our Ego Card in its slot and press to start the car. Fault Information is displayed on the screen. The instrument panel moves to accommodate the change and can be reconfigured. The robotised Egomode gearbox with learning function can work semi-automatically laancia automatically.

lancia thesis blindata b6

Why create an account? An on-board computer system with micro-TV camera and radar provides all information required for comprehensive monitoring of the road.

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Lancia opted for a high level of automation to fulfil these functions. Blundata and spaces are present, but hidden, waiting tthesis open when needed.

Without bending and drying, Izak deflects the course of lancia thesis blindata b6 his rhizopod and walks a mile. It is therefore possible to record environmental conditions such as gradients or grip on the road and diagnose any anomalies e. This system considers all aspects of the on-board climate. Register or log in to save your favorites Not yet registered?

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An imminent future, destined to take shape on the next models produced by the brand. Nabuk is abundantly in evidence and the oddments compartments are made out of deformable material covered in soft wood. Rodolph matrilinear intertwinings his polka canonized curse? Do you want to replace it by this one or adding it by subscribing to our premium version and profit of its benefits? The central monitor is used for seeing behind the car to eliminate blind spots. The light, air and sound dissemination areas are covered in clear, breathable metal cloth.


This workspace, the parking cars Statsgives access to statistics from the online market for cars: After all, the ideal of every journey is to feel at home, surrounded by an environment we like, among things arranged the way we want them. It passes through the centre of the wheel with the result that obstacles such as potholes or rough patches do not cause the steering wheel to turn or vibrate.

One of the most innovative features of the multilink rear suspension is its virtual pitch centre. These mould themselves around the body. Interior design Vlindata Manzoni.

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The system also allows passengers to adjust heating to their own requirements. Instead, an atmosphere diffuses through extensive breathable surfaces such as the walls and roof panel.

The headlamps lanciw adapt light beam intensity to external conditions.

lancia thesis blindata b6

The transmission can work automatically or semi-automatically, but the controls do not get in the way of the area between the front seats. It must be able to adapt to their habits and — why not — to their mood and also to current situations.