Printup strategy included a DTC television, online, radio and print media blitz at the time of the drug lunch for the first year to establish the Metabical names. There are three BMI categories of excess weight for adults: The Weight-Loss Industry by the Numbers. Promote to dieticians, fitness centers, fitness trainers and online i. The participants that will involve in the programs are come from medical researcher in cardiology, diabetes, gastroenterology, depression therapy, and oncology that will serve as keynote speakers, and a series of breakout session focusing on health issues for overweight patients. Do not require strict FDA approval. Customers will have to pay for the full price of Metabical not covered by insurance.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Retrieved November 20, from: Women who are ages have money to purchase weight loss products and will spend money for a prescription. Introducing Metabical — FDA approved weight-loss drug. However there are only 4. CSP will launch the three different advertising concepts aimed at health care providers:

From analysis above give some hints that this product will help CSP to gain more profits and benefits in the future. Metabical – Positioning and Communications Strategy.

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Make sure that points identified should carry itself with strategy formulation process. Under this program will have two events, first is roundtable discussion about the drugs with prominent thought leaders in the medical community. This option creates an ROI of 5. Other than that, the viral marketing will be implementing through social networking sites such as Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and Blog to create buzz about Metabical.


Support Programs All customers who are buying the Metabical products will be registered under the support programs. Metabical is intended for overweight individuals with BMI Various diets and exercise plans and other weight loss drugs ranging from over-the-counter and prescription.

metabical case study problem statement

This events objective is to distribute the information about the featured drug. In addition to health risks, overweight individuals always feel like social outcasts. However there are only 4. Promotions Campaign For every year, CSP will have to do a promotion campaign that xase focus on urban area such as the big cities at United States. Exchange rates fluctuations stusy its relation with company. CSP will launch the three different advertising concepts aimed at health care providers: Click here to sign up.

Metabical case study problem statement

The Metabical also will be sold on this road show with discounted price and the customer will get the free e-books that will teach them a healthy life style.

S country to promote the Metabical weight loss drugs. Clear yourself first that on rpoblem basis you have to apply SWOT matrix. The past, present, and future of direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising.

metabical case study problem statement

Satement teams will gain the prominent information especially customer email and home address so that it will be easily to send them any promotion events. The following strategy will apply:.

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Printup was well aware that in order to recover this massive investment, the drug need not only a successful launch, but also a long term and steady demand. However there are only 4.


metabical case study problem statement

Therefore, we must set our pricing competitively. The product launch of Metabical was scheduled in January This population is very broad and general and therefore may contain customers who are price sensitive. They endure a significant social stigma as well as discrimination. Do not require strict FDA approval.

The BMI scale sutdy appropriate for both men and women. CSP believed that Metabical could be the only superior product in the market at that time.


Other than that, the mailing strategies forhealth care providers will also include during this campaign which included an information pamphlet about the drug and reply card offering a sample of the support program. The lowest pricing was selected because this target market has the possibility that it may look into other methods to lose weight such as Jenny Craig. Then the second row of Swot table depicts the external opportunities and threat by comparing with the other competitors and the industry itself.

Secondary Target A CSP Sales team will responsible for two gastrointestinal drugs directed to give details of Metabical to the health care providers in their territories, and add it to their existing portfolios.