A rise in revenue can be achieved by: SLSL currently gains commission from building insurance, home buyers’ reports and conveyancing. Julie Hurst Created on: Home Case study on business policy and environment Pages Maths homework ratios BlogRoll business plan for a start up restaurant how business plan work university of richmond supplement essay word limit creative writing club columbia creative writing gsu fully online creative writing mfa woodlands homework help judaism. However, APSL currently has cash flow issues, and therefore will be unlikely to have the finance available to move units. The company would then make less profit for each sale, and along with increased overheads, may even make none. Report Mon 16th December,

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Notify me of new comments via email. The estate agency business is based on trust. Costs would also be introduced by any building work that needed to be done on the new unit, to make it suitable to them to use. Business case competitions also provide other perks, like the opportunity to network with executives and other people in your field as well as the chance to earn bragging rights and visit web page winnings, which are typically in the study of money.

They would also lose out on quality while the new employees were getting used to their new jobs and how it all works, this would also mean less customer satisfaction. Assessing the potential of Studles Harworth – an important strategic decision requires more than an afternoon searching websites.

The main reason APSL are considering the current move is Kate believes that the current studoes is operating close to capacity. Bonus Schemes Bonus payments are designed to motivate staff by providing an addition to basic pay.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. During the move, production would also have to come to a halt, as the machines will need to be dismantles and then reassembled at the new unit.


OCR Business Studies Strategic Management Case Study Analysis 2012

This would provide direct commission and help attract a greater number of customers f27 offering an enhanced service. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However only in the long run, as before they can do this they would incur several new expenses that they may be unable to pay, without financial help. This stuxy to prevent job dissatisfaction and encourage employees to remain loyal.

Conveyancing involves drawing up a contract between vendor and buyer.

We assume that the personal skills of the estate agent, and the quality of their marketing material can speed up the viewing process. Personal selling pushes the buyer through the studyy stages of the process.

Therefore there would be no money coming in for the months during the move. This would also mean that while they are recruiting there staff, they would have a loss of production again, as they choose not to you temporary staff.

It is likely to be found acceptable by the shareholders. It is possible that the Market Harworth branch might struggle just as the Stamton branch has done. Bonus Schemes continued A branch based bonus might be seen to be unfair to staff struggling in less favourable conditions.

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On the other hand, it may be the wisest thing for APSL to consider doing in order to make cutbacks to widen their profit margins to make the business most solvent. How are we How will population management impact our service delivery plan? It is important that both vendors and buyers have trust and confidence in the estate agent. Having a custom page that kindly guides users back to link working page can greatly improve a user’s experience. I agree study the people who say that it is an business for children to link the vaccination at a young ocr, or even adults who have not previously been vaccinated.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Therefore APSL would have to look into ways of financing the business during this time. The presentation will be followed by a Questions and Answers segment. Also managerial staff would be able to cover a wider area, reducing the need for them.

ocr business studies f297 case study 2014

There would also be a reduction in transportation fees, of moving items from one unit to another. Stamtons’ ‘poor performance’ could simply be down to the fact that there are not enough staff to cope with the workload, and it is a relatively new branch. They have the right to attend an annual shareholders’ meeting. However, it has lower property values than Oakford and Upham, and there is more competition.

This means the seller is not obliged to point out weaknesses, but they should not tell untruths to get a sale. This is self-defeating in the long run. Estate agents also ‘progress chase’meaning they chase the progression of the sale on behalf of the vendor. It would 20144 mean that etudy in etudy past with JIT could be removed, saving many hours of production time, and money.

ocr business studies f297 case study 2014

SLSL has a low gearing which could help secure external financebut banks are now more restrictive in their lending. This will enable SLSL to plan effectively.