Always be honest and do not over-inflate your abilities. In most cases, the first thing I will scroll and look at will be the covering email if there is one. Language is an important tool for lawyers. For example, “Microsoft office” is not a skill which will earn you interviews, unless you are applying to be a secretary. The ability to communicate effectively and the ability to be meticulous are both essential qualities in lawyering.

Your new stage goal at the interview — 1 present and argue your case like a lawyer! I don’t know what you want. Few Basic Tips before we proceed to the guide: Do not volunteer to send in a photograph unless they ask for it, or that you think your looks give you an edge over the next candidate. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Hard worker Give examples of extra responsibilities you took in in your previous job. Instead, cultivate qualities that leave a lasting impression with whomever you meet and speak to.

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sample cover letter for chambering student malaysia

Some popular formats are: In addition, Prior to this year, some people filed B1 together with affidavit. I don’t know what you want. What is the main motivation of the Bar Council and Malaysian Bar when issuing statements or taking action?

Legal Associate Resume Example

Sign up for an English course if you have to. Please ensure for the Purposes of Filing your Borang 1, Affidavit, and Borang 2, that you pay a total amount of RM and nothing less than that. If i cannot try everything than at least corporate and conveyancing find amir bahari. Like magic, law is mostly about misdirection that’s an entirely different debate altogether, which I am all too happy to engage in.


Then u can get faster response because I’m sure they have many application they need to process. This site uses cookies. BCG – Internship views.

BUKAN Anak Mami: Sample Cover Letter: Applying For Internship Position (Pupillage Position)

Your prospective employer gets to know different facets of yourself. Lord Bobo has been greatly disturbed by reports of appalling stuudent applications and interviews involving law graduates in Malaysia. Also, unless the interview is conducted in a ‘confession box’, discrimination can still happen at the latter stage of the interview.

Back to the photographs — Forget about what the law says, it’s stkdent a common and well-accepted practice among major companies to NOT encourage photographs to be enclosed with a CV. Now you can proceed to fill in your Petition Number to all your physical forms. This guide is available at KL Bar website, and the link can be found in Step 1 below. No, unless it is requested.

sample cover letter for chambering student malaysia

As for your state bar, NO. I agree — Employers should not request and require a photograph of the applicant. I think diversifying your referee choice is a good move.

Chambering Student Resume Sample

Just remember to keep that paper which is your acknowledgement of receipt. If you really mess up your drafting of AOS and as a result and your short call gets delayed because of it, you can contact me personally to get my draft.


lrtter Google is more likely to hire you if your resume includes side projects. His portfolio includes sourcing legal talents for law firms and corporations. The aim of this group is to provide a Platform malaysiia Pupils to help and guide each other out, be it getting sample of drafts, dealing with research points, getting to know the procedures in-and-out of court, and of course, to network with Pupils across Malaysia. How long does it take to complete this article?


But we now live in an age of grade inflation, where upper second class degrees and perhaps even firsts are the rule rather than the exception. Indeed these points are very important fr the job seekers and i just hope it will work for us. Clean set of pupillage forms Borang Deloitte – Internship views. Usually in mallaysia firms there would be 1 or 2 designated computer for eFiling because they are equipped with MPKI token and software. Leave the less favourable results to show them during the interview.

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