The comprehensive brand program extends from positioning, messaging and communications to customer experience and employee engagement. Cite View Details Find at Harvard. The example also shows how conventional statistics in such real-world questions often are not sufficient. Or the flat rate was extended to calls abroad. In the course of the class discussion, students discover that more intense competition among firms in this market may drive wireless carriers to offer more complex contracts with more add-on fees.

B dollars in annualized revenue growth. Is self-learning and thus models previously unknown nonlinearities and interactions. How Do We Get There? The customer growth was not long in coming. Is your company in need of a radical new approach to drive business? Faced with this daunting business environment, T-Mobile’s new CEO declared war on the rest of the industry, decrying competitor pricing practices and upending the traditional contract-based business model. Conventional correlation and regression analyzes had not been able to provide convincing answers.

Jeff Gourdji Digital Transformation. About the Authors John Beshears. Causal artificial intelligence can help, as the example shows impressively. Simple correlations only provide spurious correlations and conventional statistical methods are neither able to take into account indirect cause-effect relationships nor to correctly represent uncagrier unknown facets of the relationships nonlinearities and moderation effects.

The pricing, lack of contract obligation or equipment extras were merely levers that fuelled the perception of this positioning. Cite View Details Purchase. T-Mobile was virtually doomed to die.


Addressing telecom customer frustrations

We extend our findings to a workplace context, showing that threatened individuals who lie on a job application feel more capable than those who report them honestly Study 4.

Bythe U. Cite View Details Find at Harvard. However, students also see that it is possible for a company to break out of this competitive dynamic without fase market share.

How T-Mobile Doubled its Market Share through Artificial Intelligence What can you advise a brand that has a qualitatively worse product, operates in a largely commoditized market and has suffered massive losses for years?

Neither price contract obligation nor top equipment has a massive direct impact on the purchase. Finance General Management Marketing.

We carried out a universal structural modeling — a causal machine learning procedure. This case provides background information on the state of the wireless industry in and follows T-Mobile’s early steps to transform its market position.

But the mother company found no buyer for the unloved daughter.

Artificial intelligence reveals the key loyalty drivers for mobile provider Why Good Sex is not enough: Our analytical know-how was the decisive basis for an unprecedented success story in which the market share doubled in only 4 years and today profits are at a record high. We resorted to a nationwide survey of customers and non-customers.

t-mobile uncarrier case study

The resulting T-Mobile brand strategy differentiated the company from its competitors by emphasizing simplicity, fairness and value. What can you advise a brand that has a qualitatively worse product, operates in a largely commoditized market and has suffered massive losses for years?


The findings of the analysis were manifold. Is it the price, the contract obligation, the smartphone or the emotional attraction of t-mobiel new positioning?

How Do Y-mobile Get There? Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms can support management in extracting valuable information from the ocean of data. Reveals indirect effects and thus, in contrast to classical driver analyzes and regression approaches, is able to estimate the true overall effect. Addressing telecom customer frustrations.

T-Mobile Strategy Addresses Customer Frustrations | Prophet

T-Mobile, the smallest of the four major carriers, lacked the scale of its competitors and risked falling further behind in the contest for market share. Is your company in need of a radical new approach to drive business? Pisano and Francesca Gino. Company sgudy were contemplating a radical new approach to address customer frustration and challenge industry norms.

t-mobile uncarrier case study

Importance of the Findings: Wiley, Celia Moore, and F. Artificial Intelligence in Action T-Mobile addressed this question to us because the question of why, the question about the central cause of success is our specialty.