And it plays well with virtually all plugins very important! Hi, Thank you for your service to the Thesis community! Thesis 2 feels half-baked. From the get go, no. Of course, most new stuff has a learning curve. The design editor is very intuitive once you get the hang of it. So go throgh them in the Visual Editor and check.

His Typography Calculator is simple and incredibly useful. Much better to grow ones business than tinkering and making life harder than it should be. Would be great with a Headway group! Negotiating a Price for Thesis. The font sizes were larger and a rogue sidebar on the right had appeared squashing the main content to the left leaving images and videos leaking through their designated area. You even get… hold on: And so, on July 11, in a move to outrun the onslaught of negative PR, Automattic cleverly attempted to reframe this entire issue by pivoting to a known hot button in the tech industry:

Only thing Im wondering skij is this: ATM knock on wood they are not enough to prevent me from being able to use, design and launch using Thesis 2.

I never used version 2. I much prefer and heartily recommend Headway as the WordPress theme framwork of choice. Customize the template of each page, post, heck — even your page. I think they will be around.


The Art of WordPress Theme Design

Is there anything else I should consider other than Headway? It was waaaay to difficult. His most blatant effort in this regard was making a public offer to buy Thesis customers the premium, Skln Theme of their choice if they quit using Thesis.

thesis pearsonified skin

The main reason I tried Thesis 2. Please elaborate on the issues you have with Headway 3, as I have none with the current and latest versions. Do you have a blog? Hopefully when I buy headway pearsonifier I will be able to use it on two or three blogs of mine without extra charge. I really like your writing style!

Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

But so can you with Headway — and in a much much easier fashion. Well, here we are 9 months after launch and no nearer to what was originally promised.

He IS a creative, bright mind.

thesis pearsonified skin

I already knew html, css and what variables were, but when I saw the Thesis 2 backend I was utterly confused. I remember getting a custom site up quickly with Thesis 1 after watching a few short videos on the DIY site.

Now I do not have a choice but to manually edit all my post and manually enter all meta data or leave Thesis Theme completely. The problem was the header was deeper on all my pages apart from my homepage, because I was trying to make the homepage different, but now Ive cloned all the other pages, that has been fixed.


Based on domain records, thesis. I just got Thesis 2. Hype… Genesis, Headway and most other themes are just as efficient, code-wise. We all make our own little dent in the universe.

thesis pearsonified skin

I tried using Thesis 2. Skins for Thesis 2 — check out free and premium skins. You save and compile your CSS. Thesis 2 Skins List Updated: That is theft, pure and simple.

Put simply — its broken.

The Truth About

I agree with another poster here concerning the forum moderators, though. And oh, speaking of CSS: All overlapping as well. I recently been checking other frameworks out. Also when using pearsonifid shift and drag sometimes my mouse would not respond, there is a lag time for sure and I have a fast computer.