For the faculty’s part, you may expect us to respond to your polished prose within four weeks. Through interviews with hospitalists, nurse practitioner hospitalists, and medical personnel who work with hospitalists as well as observations of hospitalists’ group sessions, this case study reports on hospitalists perceptions of effective and ineffective communication as well as trust and relationship challenges that they face since the profession was implemented in New faculty are expected to be engaged in scholarship or creative activity that attracts outside funding in the form of fellowships, grants, exhibits, etc. The degree in TCR requires 45 hours of graduate work in rhetoric and technical communication beyond the bachelor’s degree. In addition to the editors’ approaches to comments, comment types, and edit types, I analyzed the reviewers’ feedback on the grant proposals and compare that feedback to the editors’ feedback. Breast cancer is a disease that affects 1 in 8 women in the U. Technology can also be used to support co-identity, particularly when the team itself is responsible for choosing the technology it uses.

Web credibility research to date largely has focused on Websites containing inherent involvement risk or Websites of bigger organizations that have resources for Website development. Department of English People. The results of this study show that continuity of care, especially regarding handoffs of information, is insufficient. Major findings of this study include acknowledging the roles of rhetorical eavesdropping and mirroring or mimesis as two methods parents use to learn “the hospital way” and gain agency in the care of their babies in the Danish Neonatalklinikken. This dissertation applies user experience and complex systems theory, combining eye-tracking data with verbal and observational data from user test instances, to study the effectiveness of metadata records that accompany digital primary source objects available on The Portal to Texas History. The program resides in the Department of English, which offers excellent facilities, including computer classrooms, the Usability Research Lab, and the Multiliteracies Lab.

News News for News News for News. Each of these themes is explained and examined for implications and complexity. We have a general philosophy about reading applications and this process of hcr an answer. The electronic health record’s EHR clinical narrative should tell a clinician the overall story of a patient’s diagnosis or illness history.


However, it has only been in the past 50 years or so that patients truly started having a say in the health care plans that their providers prescribed. Therefore, in this dissertation study I uncovered and explored the specific instructional approaches that games use to engage and teach their players.

The Deaf community characterizes deafness, not as a disability, but as a cultural marker of an oppressed linguistic minority. August — May To account for these relationships, two methodologies, GeM Genre and Multimodal analysis and O’Toole’s semiotic framework were adapted in a unique fashion as a hybrid to examine and account for the entire array of meaning-making components seen in multimodal composition.

The study employed ethnographic dissertatlon to collect and analyze surveys, observations, interviews, and artifacts. Effective communication amongst supervisors and crew and preparedness for risks involved with offshore life can alleviate these risks, but not without a certain amount of buy-in from the stakeholders involved.

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Simultaneously, changing circumstances such as globalization and the proliferation of user-generated YouTube video has diminished the opportunity for traditional technical communication.

Customized Online Tutoring Systems. The study of provider-patient communication is a thing of the past, present, and future.

However, the narrative construct often suffers because the organization of clinical content is oftentimes relegated to automated fields and checkboxes that compete for users’ attention. After you have received approval for your post-quals prospectus by your committee, you proceed to research, write, and refine your dissertation, using your approved prospectus as a blueprint for this stage.

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This dissertation is a quantitative study of the attitudes of Chinese students, faculty, and administrators toward major issues in developing a technical communication course. In an effort to identify strategies for productive intercultural communication and improve the transfer of technical information between the Indian call center workers of a large computer manufacturer and their American customers, this dissertation examined 20 call center telephone calls.

I often summarized my thoughts along these lines: The TCR program has a dedicated lab for testing the usability of documents, web sites, and other communication designs.

ttu tcr dissertation

The research uses a project sponsored by the Society for Technical Communication calledthe Technical Communication Body of Knowledge as a case study. Bored and Lost in Virtual Worlds. For reliability, the researcher applied an internal consistency estimate, a coefficient alpha called Cronbach’s Alpha, which yielded a 0.


The need for students who graduate high school to take remedial English upon entering college has remained steady over the past decade. An analysis of lessons learned from Ontario’s successful experience with the HST in is useful information for governments for any future tax or controversial policy communication.

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The successful applicant will be expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses and provide service to the department, the college, and the university as necessary. I rely on doxa, or the commonplace ideological warrant, in order to describe and examine disciplinary assumptions about technology.

As such, this dissertation explores the relationship between comics art e. These expectations are represented in the dissertation defense routing sheet.

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The participant narratives and subsequent analysis demonstrate the complexity of nutrition contexts and the difficulty consumers from lower SEP’s have accessing, interpreting, synthesizing, and applying nutrition information. Department of English People.

While stereotyping, as with any kind of generalizations, might be a good way to begin discussions about many topics, this research provides a new framework that focuses on the need to go a step further and consider the individuals within the cohorts.

Web credibility judgments are further complicated by two trends in the online landscape: The rise of online learning has altered the teaching of writing significantly, requiring new adaptation from the field.

The dissertation was exploratory in nature and did not seek to prove a theory but rather to provide a more descriptive examination of group processes. Secondly, the analysis of the two men’s frames also reveals that the rhetoric of the two resembles a dialogue. Three individuals participated in follow-up interviews and observations, which focused on literacy activities related to specific assistive technologies.