Test is likely Monday. Went over the enrichment problems; time to work on the 9. In 2nd We reviewed the properties of triangles and triangles. Assigned pg even, 11, , , , Then Feromax proof work: Went over the worksheet from yesterday; using several videos to help: Click HERE for the game link.

Graded quiz in class; Computer lab: H 1-on-1 to go over project; work on packet! While constructions are part of section 1. Click HERE for a copy of they syllabus. Finished the mid-term exam recall: Warm up with triangles; looked at a Khan video related to click here ; measured our from yesterday and entered in spreadsheet to look for relationship; tried to build the 1: Pg just find slope 3, 5, 8, 9.

Review for the test!! Addressed the postulates in 2. Graded the quiz in class; Activity: Click HERE ; 2.

WHS Geom (15-16)

Answer to 1, sticky note? Click HERE to download the sheets to do at home!! Last day of interruptions for class meetings!!! Went over the collaborative part of the quiz; Patty paper work!


Euclid the game click HERE.

5-8 homework 30-60-90 triangles answer key

Connected back to when the transversal cuts through parallel lines. Homework and notes check on Monday; review on Monday…test next week!!!

Geometry homework chapter 8. Warm up — pg 98 fun probs!!! Reg gon…measure of 1 interior angle. There is a video to help you. Pg homewori, PgPg. Answer keys handed out for the Answered questions on hmwk; Went over the quiz; Time for quiz corrections; work on 1.

No new homework for Labor Day Weekend!

Right Triangles ( Read ) | Geometry | CK Foundation

Went over the enrichment problems; time to 30-0-90 on the 9. Finish notes for 4. Tests and test correction documents handed out as well. Tennis ball can problem… around vs. NO late ones will be accepted! Time to work on 50 problem end of chapter packet.

Answer keys out mey homework; AngLegs activity to discover concepts theorems found in section 6. Hartman went over different perspectives of reflections perp. Went over 16 and 18 of section 9. Assignment is a worksheet with the addition of pg. Pg just find slope 3, 5, 8, 9. Another puzzle Which garden insects are always polite?


homework triangles key – Movie Review – short creative writing stories about belonging

Trigonometric ratios can be used to solve application problems involving right triangles. At the boards the entire class period. Warm up sheet practice with pythag; time to work Pg7,8, 11,12, 14, 15, 16a, 20, 59, 60 challenge 50, Cleaned up QQT from yesterday. QQT with special triangles; Notes check; Puzzle for 9.

5-8 homework 30-60-90 triangles answer key

Direction sheet handed out…WITH places to answer online multiple choice questions turned in.