You were doing really well, starting to understand a lot of the preferences, when there was a light knock on the door. The momentary distraction gave Calum the advantage he needed to reach back and grab your arm. There is going to be a part three, just not sure when it will be posted! Travelling the World Author: Come then, I will bring you to him. I used my elbow to push myself up to meet his lips.

You laid on the couch and nuzzled your face into his neck as he ran his fingers through your hair. I think I need a little time in the box. Luke was the most overprotective. He was silly for ever thinking he was anything more. You were slightly overweight. As he started, you realized that he was trying to French braid your hair.

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You were at the school library doing some homework. They should get yours. They had matched the bra, not that it mattered now. You never talked to anyoneactually.


#19 BSM He Helps You With Your Homework (Muke) – Luke