I am enjoying getting to know your children so much! We have alot of handouts that have to be filed in the classwork section of our binder. Appointments are required for these free services. Monday we will work 4. The math semester exam is next Thursday, Dec. They have been jumping all around our number lines in Chapter 3.

After state testing we will be learning skills relative to the 8th grade curriculum. As always please contact me with any concerns: Finish chapter closure handout from class Wednesday: Since order of operations is a cotinuing skill from 6th grade, we will be having another test on Friday. As always,please reach out if you have questions.

This is always a fun unit.

Following is the homework for the week: We will be continuing in Chapter 7 this week. Root for an information packet.

The homework I assigned in. Your child will have.

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Students will continue to have homework this 9 weeks. THis project is for one test grade. It has a yellow cover and it is due Friday! Friday-assessment on chapter 7 Homework for the week: Each student received a blue homework record today to place in their binder.


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Click on the cart icon below the photo gallery for a shortcut to our online student store. On Wednesday, May 29, from 4 to 7 p.

Middle School Math Info. Also students have been highlighting important homework questions to review for their test.

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Students who didn’t finish in class need to complete the study guide for homework. Wednesday we will be playing a game with our study guide in order to prepare for the 9 weeks test. Students have made so much progress this year. If you see low grades on bellwork assignments either they are not being turned in or they are not being corrected daily. Du e date for Rising 7th grade Registration cards is Thursday.

The best way to reach me is by email karma. Quiz them in the car, at the dinner table, have them review them using online games.

7th grade homework website chms

Students received this Friday before fall break. The homework I assigned in. Help your child each night by going back over the pages we completed and reviewed in class each day!


7th grade homework website chms

This is my eleventh year at CHMS. Your Capital is at Risk. Wednesday is a BYOD day. Subscribe To Mailing List. Find Your Bus Stop. We encourage students and families to be aware of cars, bikes, skateboarders, and pedestrians as we travel to and from school each day.

7th grade homework website chms

Students are working on a study guide this week in class that they received on Friday. Parents, we will be continuing with word problems this week involving percents tax, discounts, tips, commissions, etc.

You have been working hard for 3 weeks. Find Your Bus Stop.