Current options include intellectual property, succession, company law, family law, housing law, medical law and public international law. Planning rules have undergone a lot of change. Non-law degree action plan. Main Body Students should incorporate the following points. This has recently moved to the forefront of public debate, with the passing of the Human Rights Act of and the resultant flow of litigation. Net to receive the LCN Weekly newsletter, diary updates, events, surveys and other emails providing information for future lawyers.

Legal or business articles, information from websites and information from other sources may all be used to enhance your essay. Specialist careers advice From the moment you accept your place until you secure your first legal position, you can use our careers service. You’ll be taught by our experienced legal professionals and academics with time split evenly between tutorials and lectures as well as regular consolidation sessions and a wealth of online resources. The essay requires you to consider theoretical issues. In addition to independent learning, students have the choice to attend either live lectures on campus or recorded lectures online, or both.

In answering the question, you may essau to consider, among others, the following issues: This is, therefore, very much an independent project. The study of Tort Law will fairly and impartially examine this growing and controversial area of litigation. Conclusion The conclusion should draw together the themes explored and the arguments set down in the piece, leading to a final statement on the question.

The remainder is split between written coursework and multiple choice testing. Useful Documents How to find UK cases and legislation. Employers feel that they are burdened by red tape to an extent that they are afraid to hire or fire staff, even if they are underperforming. As this process links to the reasonableness test set out in section 98 4 ERA 96 you might discuss this test and the effect of ACAS statutory guidance e.


This is for several reasons.

Library Home Business Health. You will need to make reference to theories of free speech in order to gain analytic purchase on the body of case law mentioned above.

Over time, minority shareholders have also been given additional statutory powers to enforce their legal rights.

It should provide the ressarch context for the essay. This module introduces you to the law of obligations in the private sphere. It is designed to prepare you for the situation that commonly arises in practice in which you have to get to grips with an unfamiliar area of law.

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

This has recently moved to the forefront of public debate, with the passing of the Human Rights Act of and resdarch resultant flow of litigation. With the BPP GDL, you’re given access to an unrivalled range of additional modules, designed to get you ahead and give you the edge in interviews.

Media bodies, including the press and the broadcast media, value their Article 10 ECHR right to freedom of expression highly. Your study of this subject will examine the origins and nature of laws created by the institutions of the European Union.

Criminal Law 20 Credits. You will study an introduction to the English legal system followed by the seven foundation modules, through a one-hour tutorial and a one-hour lecture per week — plus regular consolidation in each module.


BPP offers a variety of part-time modes: All lectures and resources have online equivalents.

bpp gdl independent research essay

However, by way of guidance, you may wish to consider the following points: Could this be accommodated indepenxent the law in some other way?

This is intended to aid the transition to the professional programmes by giving you greater commercial awareness and ultimately to enhance your prospects in professional legal practice. The problem here has not only been the way that these instruments have been drafted.

bpp gdl independent research essay

Classes are offered morning, afternoon, evening and weekends. You also get access to a free personal MyLCN account.

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Key law career deadlines. There should be detailed reference to the law. Current options include intellectual property, succession, company law, family law, housing law, medical law and public international law.

Students should consider how these duties have been applied since the Act came into force. In particular, the module will aim to develop a commercial awareness alongside knowledge of black letter law, for example the commercial imperatives behind exemption of liability and the concept of shared risk.

The GDL is often described as ‘intense’. Any leading House of Lords or Supreme Court authorities should certainly be considered. Search this Guide Search.

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