States may submit four 4 entries for these events. Grocery Store Business Plan Ppt. Front cover is not counted against page limit. Design, build, and launch a website to keep your Middle Level chapter informed about chapter activities for the school year. The business should be specifically targeted for your community. Reports must describe chapter activities conducted between the previous State Leadership Conference and the current State Leadership Conference.

The program must complete a minimum of the following tasks: A one-page description of the plan should be the first page of the report not included in page count. A maximum of fifteen 15 finalists, or an equal number from each group in the preliminary round, will advance to the final round. Top 20 scorers will submit a cover letter, resume, and job application for SLC. Be prepared to present the following: Georgia FBLA members are given the opportunity to compete in nearly different competitive events at the region, state, and national levels.

Community Service Project Rating Sheets: The top 15 will advance to SLC.

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The app must be designed strictly for a tablet or phone The operating system must be mobile based such as Android or iOS The app should rubrix secure and bug free The app should state its licensing and terms of use. The site needs to include purchase and shipping information, a shopping cart, and social media links.

These events consist of two 2 parts: Reports busienss include a table of contents and page numbers. Give the app a name. Be prepared to argue the affirmative that yes, companies should be allowed to require the insertion of microchips in their employees; or be prepared to argue the negative that no, companies should not be able to require that employees have these microchips embedded. The report scores will be used to break a tie.


I teach that you should seek to learn from competitors; obviously never copy another business’s idea or what they are doing, but you can absolutely learn from their mistakes or see what they are doing and discover ways to improve it.

Divider pages and appendices are optional and must be included in the page count. The presentation of the project is judged at the NLC.

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E-Business Develop an e-business website for a unique shop or business that could be opened in your local community. There is an opportunity to grow and hire other employees who could be personal trainers working with you in the same school of philosophy.

business plan fbla rubric

What could or can be accepted without disclosure. Demonstrate the development and implementation of an innovative, creative, and effective partnership plan. The project must be in the interest of the community and designed for chapter participation. The website should include, but is not limited to, the following: All of that analysis belongs in busienss business plan: Eastern Time on the second Friday in May.

The business should be specifically targeted for your community. The various functional requirements of business-marketing, finance, human resource and production, provide information to all the concerned bsuiness like employees, venture capitalists, etc.

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Georgia FBLA members rubruc given fbbla opportunity to compete in nearly different competitive events at the region, state, and national levels. Your community is opening a new high school, and you are a member of a committee to develop a publication portfolio for the new high school. Operations provides an overview of business operations on a day-to-day basis, including production processes, physical facility reviews, use of technology, and processes followed to ensure delivery of products or services.


business plan fbla rubric

You played two sports at your university and continue to remain healthy by working out and eating well. Track the issuance of e-books for a student—a redemption businesd may be used only once and paired with the student.

The program must complete a minimum of the following tasks:. Management and Organization describes the key participants in the new business venture and identifies human resources the rburic can draw upon as part of the management team, employee pool, consultants, directors, or advisers. Research available real estate in your area to help secure a location for your business. Include pictures, descriptions of items, and services for sale.

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You are planning to open your own facility in a 15, square foot, stand-alone building. Long-Term Development gives a clear vision of where the business will be in three 3five 5or more years.

Data must be stored persistently. Digital Video Production — Buusiness length of video to two minutes.