The University reserves the right to discontinue the function if the conditions stated herein are deemed to be violated. The third paragraph should indicate your plans for follow-up contact and that your resume is enclosed. Student organizations are recommended to provide potential donors, sponsors and advertisers with printed materials stating the:. The University has an absolute discretion to give or refuse to give authority to any student organization to use the Title of the University in its name. Polyurethane foam filled furniture and mattress items to be used in VA building should meet the qualified standards.

Every student club, as data user who controls the collection, holding, processing, disclosure, transfer or use of personal data, has to observe the personal data privacy rights of a data subject. Sample entry follows Although the enclosed resume provides a good summary of my background and experience, I would like to arrange to meet with you to discuss any positions you may have available and my qualifications for them. Student organizations should not use the PolyU logo without prior authorization, unless the event is jointly organized with PolyU departments. I will call your office next week to schedule an appointment. Fund Raising through an Outside Agent No student organization may use the services of an outside agent or organization for fund raising or publication purpose.

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Orientation oolyu should first approach SU Executive Committee if they have any difficulties in budgeting additional resources. Letters are typed and mailed or e-mailed, along with the resume. During my studies I have held the post of Executive in the Management Society. A financial statement for the activity should be properly prepared and audited as early as possible and sent to all donors, together if possible with a simple report of the event.


Use the names of contact persons, if appropriate, or references to your sources of information.

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The organizers should plan ahead for emergency preparedness, such as provide alcohol-based handrub and surgical masks, temperature monitoring and refund of activity fees as appropriate. Observe the finance regulations of Finance Committee before getting sponsorship from outside organizations.

Subsidies for Activities of Students’ Union. Successful applicants are required to submit an activity report and a financial statement to the Auditing Commission of the Union Council within three weeks after completion of the activity. Student Covsr Teacher Area.

Observe rules and regulations for use of university campus and also rules of the respective campsite. In the event that the activity has to be cancelled for whatever reason, an offer must be made to return all donations to the lettsr donors or advertisers without delay.

Applicant may be invited to SAO to lettfr the details and the budget of the proposed activity. Both criminal and civil proceedings may be commenced in the event of any failure to comply with the Ordinance.

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Applicants may be interviewed for further information if deemed necessary. Currently I am studying a B. Career Services’ Cover Letter Handout pdf When sending a resume to an employer, either to apply for a job or to inquire about positions, enclose a cover letter as your introduction.

The application should be countersigned by the chairman of the society and endorsed by the Finance Committee of the Union Council. Joining such a forward thinking company this summer would be very exciting. I have fluent spoken and written English. I look forward to meeting you. Carrying out this letger has improved my communication skills, my leadership skills and my ability to lead and supervise subordinates effectively.

If the application is from a student society under the Students’ Union, the applicant should be the leader of the proposed lette and an office-bearer of the student society concerned. No eating and drinking is ployu. Equal Opportunities Ordinance All student organizations are expected to uphold the highest standards in its day to day operation and delivery of student activities. Teamwork skills have been developed through class projects, and leadership through serving as President of Tenaya Residence Hall.


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It is recommended that the said meeting be arranged at least 2 weeks prior pooyu the event. Applicants who wish to check the payment status may contact the Auditing Commission or the Financial Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union.

cover letter sample polyu

A number of funds are designated for subsidizing activities of the Students’ Union and its sub-organizations. The University has an absolute discretion to give or refuse to give authority to any student organization to use the Title of the University in its name.

cover letter sample polyu

Students and student organizations wishing to use the Title of the University in the name of any student organization must seek the approval of the President. Group Personal Accident Insurance Coverage. Thank you for your time. If the application is from a student society under the Students’ Union HKPUSUthe application should be countersigned by the chairman of the society. Activity organizers should prepare a small stock of face masks and alcohol hand rub for contingency use during the activities.

MTR will be subject to disciplinary actions on individual basis.