Filipescu was the mayor of Bucharest between February and October Retrieved from ” https: Hungary and Romania Beyond National Narratives. A participant in the Romanian War of Independence, he commanded units on the front at Pleven and Vidin. Introduction to Language Issues,” ibid. On 5 April , the Constitutional Court decided ” The Romanian President’s refusal to name a member of Government at the proposal of Prime Minister started a jurisdictional conflict of a constitutional nature.

Remember me on this computer. Coming to Terms with Transition London: He also attended special artillery and administration courses at the French Ministry of War. Retrieved from ” https: Made a general in , he entered the Defense Ministry as general secretary. His mother, Alexandrina Louiza, was of Greek ancestry [1] —her mother was fully Greek while her father was half-Romanian, half-Greek. The university responded that it would comply with his request.

StudienVerlag, pp. In late JulyPonta launched his candidacy for the upcoming presidential raceat the same time beginning to attack his chief currciulum, Iohannis. He became Minister of Public Instruction inand was one of the most zealous promoters of the overthrow of Cuza.

Inundatii dezastruoase Transparenta Guvernare europeana: List of Prime Ministers of Romania.

Victor Ponta

However, he became dissatisfied with his career in the Romanian Navy: He settled in Blaj, and served as lawyer for the Greek Catholic Church to which he belonged.


Order of precedence in Romania as President of the Senate.

Prime Ministers of Romania. The Romanian Radical Return Bibid. Pro Romania Party —present. He retired from the military indying in Bucharest two years later.

It was a decisive victory that enabled Romania to wage war untilwhen it had to surrender after Russia did the same, leaving Romania alone on the Eastern Front and surrounded by the Central Powers, a situation that far surpassed its military capacities. Induring World War II, he became military commander of Bucharest and was placed in charge of an army corps.

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Prime Minister of Romania — According to a narrative put forward by former Securitate agents, he curricjlum USLA military counterintelli. During his mandate, the first elections of Greater Romania were held. The note was about a complaint from Petromidia about the 27 May procedure problems:. Within the War Ministry, Berindei was a general secretary from to Among the demands voiced was the resignation of Ponta, tied within the protesters’ ranks to ciorbwa and official indifference.

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On March 11,he took charge o. Retrieved May 13, Prime Minister of Romania — Presidents of the Social Democratic Party. Help Center Find new research papers in: His victory was praised in Entente countries, and earned the general a sword sent to him by Yoshihito, the Emperor of Japan. His government transferred oversight of the Romanian Cultural Vittae from the Presidency to the Parliament, claiming this would increase transparency.


curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

Catargiu Florescu Epureanu Ion C. Based in Kiel, he was a cadet in the Imperial German Navy and, again at the head of his class, was appointed a German naval officer, serving two years on a man of war, then being obliged to return to Romania.

Romania’s Cucumber Season Revisited” Part 3ibid.

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Member of Editorial Board, Trauma and Memory. Ponta replied that the committee was an “ad-hoc” one designed especially for him, and that the decision was a “political” one. Editura Lito-Tipografiei Populara, in Romani. The Tangled Path Toward Democracy,” ibid. Retrieved 6 November Between andand sincehe has taught Criminal Law at the Romanian-American University.

He was in charge of this task until he resigned in