It is about target 3, which is to:. They are doing a lot of groundwork to progress how the test, vaccinate or remove TVR programme is going to be rolled out. I will be brief. I will tell you in a minute or two. I want to go back to an issue that the Chair touched on at the very start.

I declare an interest: It is black or white. We established that at the very start of the budget-setting process. I would not underestimate the other things that the Department is doing. I do not think that there is a route for appeal; once they go through that, it is the end of the process.

Did that meeting take place? This is wide-ranging, there are so many topics and issues, and we could talk all day, but we cannot.

It would be helpful if you could outline the main issues and provide new information that is not in your plab. We have identified that a lot of the issues that we are experiencing are around stress, so it is really important to ensure that staff get the support that they need, and we are investing in that and making sure that we are doing the right things.

You are very welcome, as always. We will look at where there are slippages in other projects and where we can identify the funding to make sure that it is available so that they can launch that further tranche. The other issue that I have relates to one of the targets that is red, which is goal 4, target In the interests of time, I do not propose to go into detail on the individual challenges, but I businesss happy to address any questions or queries that you may have.


Official Report (Hansard)

I think that we need to look at it again. Can you update us on your actions to obtain permission from farmers in the Banbridge and Castlewellan areas and on the possible third area? As I said, the progress report on the rural White Paper action plan was supposed to be published at the end of September. Bjsiness have been chairman of a disability group this last 12 years, and I have never heard 201-314 anybody.

We need to take the time to develop those plans and ensure that we are doing the rights things and are not doing something that would harm or have a detrimental effect on the industry and our growth plan. The large bulk of that is the single farm payment. I understand that the outline business case OBC is currently with colleagues in economics, and that will have to be gone through. Last year, there were 10 targets, but now there are seven.

We are in the process of finalising the report, and it will be formally submitted to the Bhsiness for consideration.

I would not underestimate the other things that the Department is doing. So the work that has been going on is about engaging with the individual sectors but also designing what will work within that and how the Department can deliver that. That will change the shape of many of the programmes that we will deliver to our customers. Also, what proportion of staff does this group represent?

Should the Department seek a target and a level of achievement that is greater than that which the EU sets? My understanding is that it is currently in olan and that we are not that far away, but I am not in a position to give you an exact plxn for presenting it to the Executive. It is very difficult to achieve that.


dard business plan 2013-14

Also, the Minister stated, perhaps even yesterday, that if we can get people onto the computerised darv, the targets for even greater percentages should be achievable. It is also important to recognise that we are just about to embark on the whole CAP reform process.

So, there certainly is an improving picture, and, as I said previously to the Committee, interventions take time before you see the positives coming through. Members have had busoness chance to read your briefing paper, so I ask you to be concise in addressing the Committee.

dard business plan 2013-14

Are you happy enough with that, Andrew, or do you want to add to it? Graeme, if you are leading off, I will give you about five minutes if that is OK. I know that this is to check and monitor offences, but it is important as there are targets for it. It was really challenging to make sure that we were able to deliver payments and put a new control in place.

DARD Business Plan

Was Exercise Blacksheep, which was completed on 9 December, solely a 213-14 exercise, or was there anything else behind that?

It is about how we fund the project going forward. I will tell you in a minute or two. That concludes my introductory comments.

I think that those are really significant achievements in that programme.