For example, if you are conducting a detailed case study, do not investigate all the factors that may influence site productivity as a topic, but rather the influence of financial incentives on productivity. Postal questionnaires are certainly a quick method of conducting a survey. This book approaches dissertation research and writing as a process, involving a sequence of learnable activities. The suitability of each method depends on the nature of data, the type of measurement and your sample size. This chapter describes the stages for questionnaire construction and adminis- tration.

It describes and illustrates through examples the types of questions, question format and typical questionnaires. Secondary data also may provide a useful comparative tool. Before beginning his academic career he worked in the construction industry as a site engineer and project manager. For example, in analysing the results of accidents on site, you may find a drop, over a period of time, in the number of accidents that the contractors have recorded in their books. Techniques for data collection 53 Main advantages Postal questionnaire Main disadvantages Unstructured interview Personal interview Semi-structured interview Advantages Structured interview Disadvantages Random sampling Sampling Selected sampling Figure 5. Work plan This should be a simple work plan or timetable — a bar chart of activities over the weeks of study is often helpful — indicating what you intend to do and when see Chapter Others have added to this list of adjectives methodical and systematic.

Here, the negative sign means that the more experienced the client is with the building process, the less chance the project will overrun on time. Covering letter After constructoon your questionnaire, your next step is to write a covering let- ter to accompany your questionnaire.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. These activities anoum a knowing the sources of information, b understanding how the library works, c note-taking, d organising the literature review, and e appraising and writing up the literature review. The interval between 20 to 30 minutes is the same as 50 to 60 minutes. Please indicate which factor is first in importance, which is second, which is third and so forth please circle the appropriate figure on the right-hand side 1 A well paid job having a good income and being able to afford the good things in life 2 A prosperous job having a dissertaiton opportunity to develop myself 3 An important job a job full of achievement that brings me respect and recognition 4 A secure job making certain that I have steady work and steady wages 5 Relationship with fellow workers getting along well with the people I work with 6 Relationship with superiors getting along well with my supervisor 7 Job interest good chance to do work of my interest 8 Writiny condition working within a good physical job condition The seven-point bipolar scale can be presented in numerical dimensions such vonstruction Semi-structured interviews start by asking indirect questions in nsoum to build up a rapport with the respondent and then explore the specific issues that the interviewer has in mind.


The Times and Guardian newspapers. Please state 6 How many main subcontractors were involved in the project? On your informal interview with the second, third or fourth operatives, you will seek to dissertstion out whether the same factors apply to them as well, and if there are other factors that need to be added. In this way you will be limiting the variables that determine causality.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students

For example, a researcher might state that traditional contracts will most probably overrun on cost. If the dussertation is large, then the relationship can be tested statistically.

A cover letter must succeed in overcoming any resistance or prejudice the respond- ent may have against the survey. Most abstracting services classify art- icles in accordance with the subject they cover.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

Number 1 indicates total dissatisfaction, and number 5 stands for complete satisfaction. Your conclusion will either support or reject your proposed hypothesis, or support part and reject others.

It will also be of use to those candidates requiring membership of the Chartered Institute of Building CIOB researcn anyone else involved in research work.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering. Place of Publication Books: This means you ought to be selective in your sample.

Reviewing the literature 27 Microfiche and microfilm Most libraries have these facilities which means that copies of some news- papers, journals and theses are kept on film, either flat microfiche or more usually on reels microfilm. But here are some specimens of subjective questions: The instrument or tool that is often used fo collect exploratory research data is the open-ended type of questionnaire.


As shown, try to phrase each objective in the stuednts of: You should not ask people to do your data gathering for you especially when the data is readily available elsewhere. There are many other terms in use to distin- guish between what are called here structured and unstructured interviews.

The probability figure, that is calculated using the statistical tests, will give you a level of significance by which you can judge whether to approve or disapprove your research hypothesis.

The little extra time it takes to complete a pilot study test will be well spent.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students : Shamil Naoum :

If you intend to interview personnel, who will they be and approximately how many of them you will interview and so on see Appendix 1 for examples.

First, it seeks systematic reading of previously published and unpublished information relating to de area of investigation. Quantitative research is an objective measurement of the problem.

Coding open-ended questions Open-ended questions can be used in postal questionnaires as well as in inter- views.

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It first explains what the role of the supervisor is and what it is not. Ordinal scale This is a ranking or a rating data which normally uses integers in ascending or descending order. Generally speaking, there are three types of literature sources avail- able for you to look at.