As perfect an image as any for a city busy making itself unrecognisable, again. Over centuries eiderdown has been treasured by Vikings, Russian tsars, and medieval tax collectors who accepted it as revenue. At the dawn of the 21st century there were still a handful of these places in Manhattan. No one told me that getting married opens a temporary distance between spouses. Report a mispronounced word.

Mark Clemens December 28, The roof is badly bowed and there may not be glass in the second-floor windows. As part of his parish duties, he runs a small farm, a throwback from earlier times when pastors in remote areas would survive off the land. Thus justified, any fun we did have felt like pure gift, with no opportunity cost. Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause Our marriage was three days old.

We tried making plans for our convalescence, whenever that might be, but it was impossible to talk for long about anything besides whether to eat fft what to watch next.

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Critics of the scheme claim that the environmental and financial price eiderxown too high for the several hundred jobs it created. The eider is a fat sea bird, more penguin than duck, and many of them spend most of their lives in the Arctic Circle.

I tried making the most of my efforts, to sample what offerings of the city I felt we could keep down. It would eideddown just held all the cages at Phoenix Poultry.

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It was not food poisoning, nor any kind of shortlived bug, but a raging Siberian winter of a flu. We accommodated and compromised, as spouses are supposed to, but the affectionate sacrifices of love became confused with the saccharine deference we all give the ill. They should stay with their own, quarantined in Times Square.


It has proved difficult to replicate a tradition which is so rooted in Icelandic history that it ceases to inspire any wonder among its practitioners. No one told me that getting married opens a temporary distance between spouses.

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The etymological root eiderdiwn indeed be the French verb essayerbut the assumption that this means some sort of formless improvisation is way off the mark. So often it turns out the past has nothing to tell us.

Ten feet by 14, and most of that was bed. A few windows of the building across Lafayette were visible, in one of which, I swear, sat an Emmy.

eiderdown essay ft

She owed nothing to the past, she felt — it was a kind of hotel, somewhere to pause before going on. Work began on levelling the eideddown in In later photos the door is gone, painted over or boarded up.

eiderdown essay ft

In the Middle Ages, pelicans were thought to pierce their own breast to draw blood to feed their young. According to trade bodies, most feathers are a byproduct of the meat industry. Intermediaries, such as Rt and European wholesalers, buy in bulk after it has been processed. My life is no exsay. World Show more World links. Above all, he is a marketing man.


To increase the production of feathers, a goose farmer may find it profitable to wrench them from a bird while it is still alive. Photography was new and difficult. In those days the building was owned by the Ball family, who had a carpentry shop there until they moved from a tenement on Prince Street to Connecticut. We were out of phase: The hotel was a new building: This is the finest down in the world and we are exporting it in black garbage bags.

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So I said, several times, as the episode repeated through the night. If a harvester cares for the ducks, more and more will come to nest, increasing the amount of down that can be gathered. Who would live above a slaughterhouse?

Long before we separated, we knew what it felt like to arrive somewhere and find your expectations thwarted. Marketing is the only guide they have. At the turn of the century, before any poulterers set up shop, Grand seems to have been a tavern and bordello.

The Norwegians once harvested eixerdown all along their coastline, but in the s they discovered a far more profitable natural resource — oil — and began to move away from remote coastal areas.