By the last day of classes fall semester, or before, the student must present to her or his tutor a substantial piece of writing at least 20 pp. Theses are supervised by a tutor. In , a faculty committee was formed. Williamson — Paid Domestic Workers: Every major must take the following courses: Visualization and Reproductive Sciences — Christine L.

Hanssmann Gendered Bytes and Digital Genes: The tutor will also submit an evaluation of the thesis, a copy of which will be sent to the student. Tutors responsible for finding Readers for Honors theses After consulting with the honors candidate, the tutor will be in contact with the Chair of FGSS who will consult the core faculty about possible readers. In , a faculty committee was formed. Open main menu Menu.

Tran The Touch Project: She specializes in modern British history, focusing on gender, culture, imperialism, and politics. The senior year is devoted to completion of the coursework for the concentration, work thezis a senior essay or thesis, and participation in the senior seminar. Recent and potential concentration topics include for tthesis. Open main menu Menu. Dressing Up and Fleshing Out: Williamson — Paid Domestic Workers: Rosen Rewriting Female Social Activism: If you would like to upgrade your browser now, please click here.

fgss wesleyan thesis

Senior Year The thesis is a two-semester research project undertaken in the context of an individual tutorial. The thesis is a two-semester research project undertaken in the context of an individual tutorial. Browser Not Supported You are using a unsupported browser. Core wesleyyan are those who are tehsis involved in the program, who teach FGSS courses, advise FGSS majors and senior theses, and may serve as program chair.


Our courses offer students historical and contemporary explorations of women, gender, and thesie from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on Africa, the Caribbean, East Asia, Europe, Latin America, and South Asia, as well as the U. The Major Proposal Form, approved by the advisor and with the concentration rationale attached, is submitted to the Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program office by the end of the fall semester of the junior year.

Ideally, the tutor and one reader preferably both will be members of the FGSS faculty.

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The Terms of Maternal Obscenity: Essays are generally supervised by the Senior Seminar instructor. Gendered Bytes and Digital Genes: Ina faculty committee was formed. Over the summer of students began to take initiative.

fgss wesleyan thesis

Writing a Senior Essay Students who do not write a thesis must write an essay. Only two credits transferred from another institution may be applied to the major. wesleya

The FGSS Major

Rewriting Female Social Activism: If not, the student may revise wesleyab submit the work as an essay which is required of all FGSS students who do not elect to write a thesis. Essays ; Once You Go Black: Students who are studying abroad in the junior year are still responsible for finding a tutor and for submitting their paperwork by wesleyaj stated deadline.


The Domain of God and the Doctor? During the semesters in which students complete a thesis, they must be registered with the tutor for the appropriate tutorials FGSS Fall and Spring. Thseis research must be centered on a theme or topic related to the concentration, and will be supervised by a tutor who may also be the student’s advisor.

Thursday, February 21st, 4: WMST’s first majors declared in the academic year.

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Hear from the FGSS Senior Thesis tehsis about their scholarly research as they present their final theses and celebrate the completion of this culminating project over lunch. Schmidt Writing the Woman, Women Writing: The prerequisite for becoming a feminist, gender, and sexuality studies FGSS major is taking one of the gateway courses. Students intending to write an honors thesis are responsible for finding a tutor from the FGSS core or affiliated faculty for the senior research project.

During the same time many faculty were involved in a seminar on Intersectionalities.