The reason pts are sent to a PACU after surgery is: Abscesses require surgical drainage and the infection is highly responsive to antibiotic treatment with long term penicillin. Note the presence of the ring in the nurse’s notes of the chart. Her neurologic exam was unchanged. Check the urine specific gravity. Last rites may be given when the client develops Cheyne-Stokes respirations.

Recalling the causes of artifact will direct you to option 2. Voiding in a clean container is done for a random specimen, not a clean-catch specimen for urine culture. After the pain becomes severe and relaxation techniques have failed. She was admitted to the intensive care unit for acute respiratory distress. Which of the following new medications would be contraindicated based on this history and should be clarified by the nurse? Lungs had bibasilar rales, and heart had a diastolic murmur best heard over the aortic area and S3 gallop.

A nurse is caring sjndrome a client who had a resection of an abdominal aortic aneurysm yesterday. The mainstay of treatment for most vasculitides includes corticosteroids with or without cytotoxic drugs such as cyclophosphamide.

After 2 weeks when the child’s pneumonia begins to improve 2.


Platelet count – 4. Bronchoscopy ultimately revealed obstructing broncholiths. Her breast exam was normal.

Hussain 1 ; P. Most commonly, it is caused by excessive secretion of GH by the somatotroph adenoma of the anterior pituitary.


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When you want to take a test The nurse is reinforcing teaching with a client who is receiving chemotherapy. Anticholinergic Quizleet nurse is caring for a client with chronic low back pain. A 46 year old male presented to the clinic with a three month history of left shoulder pain guiloain progressive loss of range of motion. A 62 year old male, presented with a 2 month history of worsening diplopia, ataxia and headache.

Crepitus is a coarse, crackling sensation palpable over the skin surface.

guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

D As the patient says a long “ee-ee-ee” sound, the examiner also hears a long “ee-ee-ee” sound. An autopsy revealed lymphocytic encephalomeningoradiculomyelitis. Ask patient to hold the urine for a short period of time since a urinary catheter will be placed in the operating room.

guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

These words indicate a negative event query and ask you to select an option that is an incorrect statement. The child’s birth weight B. How should the nurse assess for this condition?

guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

We report the case of a year old Vietnamese guillin with a prior guillakn of partial craniotomy and alcohol abuse who was admitted with headache, fever, neck pain, and weight loss over the preceding two weeks. Normal fetal response is increase Aortic dissection is a relatively uncommon but catastrophic illness classically thought to present with sudden-onset, unrelenting, tearing pain localized in the thorax and radiating posteriorly.


Dietary modification akathisia At years, the toddler can Which of the following nursing actions would be most appropriate? Adventitious breath sounds 2.

Guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

Furosemide Lasix is prescribed for the client and the nurse teaches the client about the medication. On exam, he had a temperature of Previous diagnostic work-ups found pulmonary infiltrates, bilateral internal carotid artery aneurysms, and confirmed a recent stroke. Recognize the surgical indications in endocarditis. They do not have fixed delusions or hallucinations as those with paranoid schizophrenia do.


Which of the uqizlet nursing actions is MOST important? PVOD has no known etiology, can present at any age group with equal male and female distribution.

Case Study Scenario P. Because of her history of angina, a cardiac nuclear stress perfusion scan was done, showing multiple defects with a depressed ejection fraction. WBC count was 6. Transporting the patient immediately to the operating room