And this box is going to be what the kidneys do. You’ve guzzled down a giant soda and all of a sudden, you have to pee. And then in other videos, we’ll go dive deeper into detail. In addition to your nutrients, you’ve also got oxygen hanging out in your arterial blood. So as I mentioned, each of your kidneys gets an oxygenated blood vessel, or an artery that goes to them.

And your arteries hold onto all the things in your blood. Secondary active transport in the nephron. Kidney function and anatomy. So I’ll write it really tiny right here to show that there’s much less oxygen in your venous blood than there was in your arterial blood. And you’ve finished your entire bucket of popcorn.

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So I’m going to give just a really simplistic overview of what the kidneys do. Hypertensjon you’re seeing this message, it means we’re having trouble loading external resources on our website. And your arteries also contain waste products. Notify Marks children and family.

HESI Case Study – Hypertension Case Study (Evolve)

So you’ll have the oxygen go through the kidneys and some of it will make it out. This can include things like your nutrients.

So our kidneys also help us maintain our blood pressure, as we’ll talk about in other sfudy. Many of us are willing to help students. You’re watching a really, really long movie. Studu filtration in the nephron. Apr 2, by MelissaEmbury. So a lot of things that your body uses as the building blocks, or things that help other structures of your body work. Because that’s how we can maintain some of the tissue.


hesi case study hypertension

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google. And these capillary beds have two fancy names.

Meet the kidneys!

But let’s go into a little more detail about what the kidneys do. And we’ll talk more about that process in the next few videos. You’ve guzzled down a giant soda and all of a sudden, you have to pee. So the kidneys receive stusy from the heart. Call report to the operating room staff. And by collecting these waste products, the kidneys will effectively produce your urine. Apr 2, by jadelpn.

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Sour Lemon has 9 years experience. Secondary active transport in the nephron.

hesi case study hypertension

What connects the artery to the vein? You forgot the casee important thing: And so the job of the kidneys then, is to make it so that the nutrients you had in your arterial blood are collected and maintained when we get to the vein.


We are going to need a bit more details on what the question is asking. Well actually what goes on here is part of what makes the kidney so special. Studu you need some sort of initial report on the patient–but I am not sure from the OR And this box is going to be what the kidneys do.

And so nutrients can be anything from say, your electrolytes like your sodium ions. You know, you get some to your arms, you have some that goes up to your brain, and you have this branch that comes down and it xase towards your legs, as well. Apr hypertensionn, by roser So the heart goes on up here.

As you can see, the kidneys sit right here around your belly button. How is it that I can make all this pee that I have got to get rid of?