Protective structure formed by a prokaryote when growth conditions are unfavorable E. Scientists are struggling to keep up with changes. Compound that can block the growth and reproduction of bacteria 4. Putting milk in a refrigerator The increase of worldwide travel and food shipments is one reason new diseases are spreading. How could scientists determine whether it should be classified in domain Bacteria or domain Archaea?

Vectors in gene therapy wikipedia , lookup. In a lytic infection, a virus enters a cell, makes copies of itself, and causes the cell to burst, releasing new virus particles that can attack other cells. What viral disease does he or she most likely have? What occurs during conjugation? A protein coat surrounding a virus is a n. Explain the role of bacteria in the living world.

How is the common cold like the HIV virus?

homework 20.1 viruses

Viruses that have RNA as their genetic material are called. RNA viruses have shown an ability to evade antiviral drugs.

Scrapie is most likely caused viruse pathogens known as viroids. Viral diseases in humans include the common cold, influenza, AIDS, chicken pox, and measles. Prokaryotes that require a constant supply of oxygen to live are called obligate aerobes. The Discovery of Viruses 1. Spirilla are spiral or corkscrew-shaped. Structure and Function Write the letter of the correct answer on the line at the left.


How do decomposers help the ecosystem recycle nutrients when a tree dies? Explain the role of bacteria in the living world. The widespread use of vaccines has led to the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria.

Prokaryotes are classified either in domain Bacteria or domain Archaea.

Explain how viruses cause infection. A vaccine can prompt the body to produce immunity to the disease.

Energy Capture by Prokaryotes Group Description Organism that carries out photosynthesis in a manner similar to that of plants Chemoautotroph Organism that himework in organic molecules and then breaks them down Photoheterotroph Name Class Date Apply the Big idea Why do all organisms need nitrogen?

What is a capsid?


In a lysogenic infection, how can one virus infect many cells? Although viruses are parasites, they are not made of cells and are not considered living things. Some bacteria have a second Date.

homework 20.1 viruses

Using boiling water to clean dishes Evolution of metal ions in biological systems wikipedialookup. Many prokaryotes can form endospores when conditions are unfavorable in order to protect their DNA. Slight genetic changes would be needed for the bird flu virus to become infectious to humans. Why should meat be cooked until it is well-done?


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The Importance of Prokaryotes A n noninfectious disease is an unknown disease that appears in a population for the first time. How are they different? Classifying Prokaryotes For Questions 1—5, complete each statement by writing the correct word or words. Viruses that infect bacteria are called bacteriophages. What are some human diseases caused by viruses?

What kind of relationship do many plants have with nitrogen-fixing bacteria? Bacterial pathogens can produce many diseases that affect humans and other animals. Archaea lack peptidoglycan and have different membrane lipids than bacteria. Suppose you were studying an infectious unicellular organism with a cell wall under a microscope.