New home shirt pictured, but thankfully it’s not the real home strip. The Kielder pipeline cannot be used to supplement the water supply to the Derwent Reservoir itself. Electricity generation is also a by-product of the release of water into the river. It can also be used to help resolve problems these fish encounter with shallow flows in the lower stretches of the Tyne or in emergencies when a pollution incident has occurred downstream. More than 3, people took part in the Kielder Marathon and other races across the weekend. How it all works Living Wild at Kielder. People visit the reservoir for water sports and for the beautiful scenery that has been created around the lake.

The Derwent Reservoir remains the primary source of water for Tyne and Wear, so water from Kielder can be used to supplement the flow of the River Derwent when the reservoir above is at low levels, and also to provide water into the Derwent Reservoir’s distribution system. The first two ospreys have already returned. When the dam was completed it flooded an area of scenic natural beauty. Overfarming ruins the soil and so water just goes straight through it Bbc bitesize gcse geography water aqa revision Kielder water was built in the era of the dominant chemical and steel industry, especially in Teessisde.

Clean water released from the dam has the increased potential for erosion downstream of the dam — this is known as clear water erosion.

Kielder water case study bbc bitesize geography

They drain quickly so there is little surface water. Kielder Reservoir is 35 years old Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters.


GCSE bitesize or www. Kielder is located in an area of high land called the Pennines.

IGCSE Geography Help: Water Storage System Case Study: Kielder Water

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The map also shows that my region, the North East of England is also highly variable sudy how much precipitation it receives.

kielder water case study facts

In recent years, however, Kielder Water has come into its own, with underground springs ensuring that it always remains at high levels, regardless of the prevailing climate condition. Posted by Unknown at Kielder water supplies water to Yorkshire.

kielder water case study facts

A dam holds back sediment, especially the gravel and pebbles. The BBC informs, educates and entertains – wherever you are, whatever your age. Electricity is generated through hydroelectric power HEP at the dam.

kielder water case study facts

The main conurbations served by the reservoir are Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside. The lake is 11km long and stores nearly ,million litres of water — this helps in times of water shortages 58 families were displaced from their homes by the dam, their houses disappearing beneath the lake that formed.

People visit the reservoir for water sports and for the beautiful scenery that has been created around the lake.


Case study Quizlet Water Management Quizlet. Faccts water by rgamesby The UK is highly variable in terms of water supply and demand.

A worthwhile investment and believe it will be beneficial of the future. The UK is highly variable in terms of water supply and demand. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Privacy notice Enter email Subscribe. The scheme is a regional transfer system designed to allow water from Kielder Reservoir in the north west to be released into the Rivers Tyne, Derwent, Wear and Tees.

The reservoir has reduced water insecurity in the north east.

Construction began in and the reservoir was opened by the Queen on May 26, The programme includes a range of permanent and temporary artwork and, in this involved ten pieces by students of Newcastle University. Finally, the construction of the lake saw the loss of a number of farms, houses and a school, with some families being forced to move out of the area.

Location Kielder is located in an area of high land called the Pennines. Kielder reservoir in Northumberland is an example of a water transfer scheme. Kielder Water is the largest man-made lake in northern Europe and is capable of holding billion litres of water. Max Power Max Power transcript: The initial sessions, held over six weeks at Newcastle Civic Centre, heard nearly objections before the inspector recommended the scheme go ahead.