This chapter then concludes with an assessment of how the Canadian state addressed the issue of illegality upon the discovery of smuggling rings operating out of Hong Kong in In , Peggy Lai and her husband and their two children moved from Johannesburg to Vancouver. A History of the New Zealanders from s to Honolulu: As a result, the government was forced to become progressively more involved in the provision of public housing. In June , students once again turned to foreign countries for shelter and support. Authorities viewed the residents of the colony as relatively settled.

You will find me at the very end on the right. A feature of this was the language of masses — teaming, crowded masses. I could not have undertaken all that I did without the generous financial and administrative support they offered. Chinese University Press, More valuable however, are the extraordinary conversations and rich collaborations I pursued as a result of relationships forged during my time with the Foundation. The desire to categorize, regulate and control the size of population flows remained stubbornly enduring.

The original intent to establish white settler societies was perpetuated in the postwar period as states worried about demographic projections and the desirability of immigrants.

They bring with the cultural traditions centuries old. Migration and the Chinese Singapore: He is passionate about how historical events have been represented by the popular media, especially newspapers.

This project returns refugees to the world dissertatioj migrants to better understand the character of the important, if uneven, humanitarian advocacy on behalf of refugees in the postwar period.

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Hope in the Desert: This engagement is reflected lura the informational lsura produced by Catholic Immigration Services inStrangers in our Midst: In addition to this major work, Laura is the author of a number of articles related to the history of migration and humanitarianism.


How were destinations chosen? The evidence of a diversity of political views, including occasional pro-communist sentiments in both the city of Vancouver and on the UBC campus inserves as a reminder of how important it was for government officials to control the movement and settlement of and influence the narrative surrounding the establishment of the Sopron students at UBC.

I was greatly helped by many of the faculty in the History Department.

Elusive Refuge

Incorporating the history of indigenous — settler relations into national narratives has maodkoro some of the more celebratory overtones of earlier works. In doing so, they became acutely aware of the importance of networks in facilitating movement.

Identity and Transnational Engagement New York: The discussions there challenged my thinking and greatly enriched my work.

Nevertheless, they could only direct the discourse so far. Many of the interviewees I spoke with, including Sandra Wilking a former Canadian citizenship judgepointed out that the forty-year postwar timeframe I was looking at covered the increasing movement of professionals and skilled workers who did not think of themselves as refugees because of their elite status.

For most of the Cold War, refugees from China were unwanted in dissertqtion settler societies of the British Commonwealth.

Disertation investigating the reason for this marked difference, this project connects the mediating role played by humanitarian actors and officials in Hong Kong with longstanding histories of racist exclusion in the settler societies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Authorities in Hong Kong therefore avoided imposing controls on mainland migrants for as long as possible.

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University of Minnesota Press, You may wonder why I am not proficient in English, a language you believe is known throughout the world. See also Letter from H. Their group identity is an enduring one.


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It is this baseline definition that this project adopts. Sydney University Press, Routledge,2.

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See Cold War Comforts: During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many of its residents became members of the Overseas Chinese or huaqiao sojourner communities in North and South America and Australia.

As these two worlds intersected, the environment in which people moved was transformed.

laura madokoro dissertation

Roller of the Forestry Faculty at Sopron University recalls that on 26 Novembera meeting was held during which it was finally decided that each professional group should go its own way and seek out a country willing to accept their faculty. Peggy had a brother in Toronto, which also made Canada an attractive option. The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Henry Yu and Eagle Glassheim at the University of British Columbia who read early drafts of this article.

In the spring ofthe Chinese government violently suppressed a pro-democracy movement led by workers and young, enthusiastic students.

Smith with news that Mr. Their work also compelled settler society states to engage with refugee issues, and particularly the question of resettlement, at a time when governments were doggedly attempting to limit the numbers and types of migrants they accepted for permanent settlement.

laura madokoro dissertation