Later work by the same authors Phys. We have no choice. V selects four cards from a deck; A examines them, returns one to V and places the other 3 in a row on the table, some face-up, some face-down. I also disagree about her assessment of Sylvie and Bruno, which I find wonderfully amusing. A weekly math column in The New York Times online January 31, was the first posting in what promises to be a weekly series of columns, focused on mathematics, in the “Opinionator” blog-site of the online New York Times. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The hidden math in Alice may come as a surprise to many, but mathematicians have always known Carroll was slipping some numbers into his fiction. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The wizard’s clock The “wizard’s clock” gives a convenient way of organizing the 52 cards in a standard deck into three card supersuits plus the Ace of Spades ; they correspond to the three concentric rings. Certainly less far-fetched than some of the interpretations in Aspects of Alice! A weekly math column in The New York Times online. Notify me of new posts via email. A quaternion has four coordinates, conveniently regarded as a scalar and a 3-dimensional vector.

Carroll was troubled by such ideas as non-commutativity, and this was his response. You are commenting using your WordPress. All of these are defined as particular determinants.

Alice In Wonderland’s Secret Ingredient: Math : NPR

If they could only lose him, they could exist independently, as a complex number with two terms. About Peter Cameron I count all the things that need to be counted. Quaterions conveniently describe 3-dimensional rotations, which Bayley links to the rotation of the Hatter and the others around the tea-table.


In the Christmas edition of New Scientistthere is usually a light-hearted piece about mathematics by Ian Stewart. Their movement around the table is reminiscent of Hamilton’s early attempts to calculate motion, which was limited to rotatations in a plane before he added time to the mix.

The Mad Hatter’s Secret Ingredient: Math

Quaternions seem ideally suited for the formalism of general relativity, with the scalar part representing time and the vector part space. Traces of this are visible in the items printed in The Complete Lewis Carroll. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Later work by the same authors Phys.

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John R Ramsden says: After all, matrix multiplication is non-commutative. March 13, Quantification is part of a more general process recognising that propositions themselves, like atoms, have internal structure, involving firstly the objects of mathematics constants, variables, functions, and relations, including the relation of equalityand then new operations such as quantification over specific variables.

“Algebra in Wonderland” in Sunday’s New York Times

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Implication belongs to what is known as Propositional Logic. So underneath the madness of the Wonderland tea party lies math — and some snark.

Strogatz’s first column, “From Fish to Infinity,” starts his program of “writing about the elements of mathematics, from pre-school to grad school, for anyone out there who’d like to have a second chance at the subject–but this time from an adult perspective. Meanwhile, large numbers of respected religious leaders and lately, sports coaches are found to have severely abused children with depressing regularity, while the leadership hierarchy transferred and protected them year after year, decade after decade.


I suppose we will never know.

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So perhaps byquaternions were dead as you say. The diffraction pattern generated by the packed solid inset has fold rotational symmetry, known to be incompatible with spatial periodicity.

According to Melanie Bayley, the Mad Hatter’s tea party is a farcical allegory of Hamilton’s quaternion theory. Alice finds the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse at their tea party, but Devlin says Carroll deliberately left out one character. Quaternion addition and multiplication incorporate all the basic operations with these objects. There is no similar formula for larger determinants.

melanie bayley dissertation

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dodgson was accustomed to the company of girls, because he had seven sisters. The wizard’s clock The “wizard’s clock” gives a convenient way of organizing the 52 cards in a standard deck into three card supersuits plus the Ace of Spades ; they correspond to the three concentric rings.

His geometry was that of Euclid; his logic, mslanie of Aristotle. Packing tetrahedra into a quasicrystal. Disney Japanese Pocket Puzzle to enrage and delight. After a scene-by-scene breakdown of the book the pig baby is a comment on topology, naturallyshe wraps up:.

melanie bayley dissertation