Remember that your final thesis grade must be handed in with your thesis. Current graduate students are encouraged to give feedback as we build this website to help in our endeavor to create the best possible graduate experience. The use of Department laboratory kits is discouraged. That is different from Physics,” read more With the new online procedure for evaluating applications, it is necessary for us to view all the grades online if they do not appear on your transcript. EECS is a substrate for innovation.

Should I update my application with a new transcript which includes my fall term grades? Two degrees in two years. Once a student has been admitted, some interviews and student visits will be arranged in order to determine the level of shared interest between the student and faculty. Submitting the Thesis No thesis supervisor is empowered to extend the deadline. You should list all subjects that do not appear on your transcripts. An admitted student may make a written request to defer admission for one term only.

MEng Thesis Guide: Course 6 Thesis Policies and Procedures | MIT EECS

Doctoral Thesis Proposal and Formation of Doctoral Committee The thesis proposal, including a designation of the Doctoral committee, must be submitted by the end of the eighth term registration day of the ninth term.

Decisions are available in mid-February. Go to the Barker Engineering Library and read theses similar to yours for good ideas about presentation, tone, etc. Two degrees in two years.


The biographical section, three 3 letters of recommendation, “Record of Subjects” with grades, and a “Statement of Objectives. Exceptions are made in rare cases; these written requests must be explained in detail. Be visible and send updates even if there’s no response. The TQE must be thessi by the end of the third term.

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EECS is a substrate for innovation. Get started early with the process of identifying a suitable research group and research advisor!

mit eecs thesis deadline

Signed Thesis The signed thesis is due approximately two weeks before the end of any regular term, or one week before the end of the summer session. Dina was awarded the fellowship twice for both the academic years and Is the application fee ever waived or deferred? We will use this information only in the aggregate without student names or identifiers, so please be entirely honest.

Don’t wait until you are finished designing, programming, testing, debugging, etc. Students should NOT give up at the deadline, but should hand in their theses as fast as possible. Thesis Release Letter The subjects you register for will depend on the research area into which you have been admitted.

The online application requires a credit card for submission. If you are a very strong candidate for admission and you have missing documentation, you will be contacted by our office by email. All degree programs are for full-time day students.


MEng Thesis Guide: Course 6 Thesis Policies and Procedures

To apply to our graduate application, you must use the online application which is available at: Computer Science and Molecular Biology Some delays are inevitable, but there are ways to minimize them. Admission is extremely competitive. As coaches and mediators, they help analyze issues and situations brought forth by students and identify appropriate courses of action. Will the Department keep me informed of my application status? First-year fellowships and assistantships cover tuition costs, health insurance, and provide a monthly stipend.

Try to find alternate sources, other ways of coping, and do legwork rather than passively waiting for parts to arrive.

This academic year’s deadlines are listed on the front page of this document. If you have started a master’s or doctoral program at another university, you cannot transfer classes or research credit with the intention of completing that degree at MIT.

Can I apply to more than one department without negative consequence? No thesis supervisor is empowered to extend the deadline. Circuits emphasizes electronic circuits and systems, microprocessor based control, and digital and analog signal processing. Do not trust anyone else to hand carry the grade sheet or let it be sent in the Institute mail.

mit eecs thesis deadline