However, it may be argued that a short placement time of the BM by 5 sec as compared to PLM may not be of much clinical significance. Pharyngolaryngeal morbidity with laryngeal mask airway in spontaneously breathing patients. The mean intra-cuff pressure of the PLMA increased to Comparison of i-gel supraglottic airway and LMA-ProSeal in paediatric patients under controlled ventilation. Adults of either sex, 2. Although, the sample size of the present study is relatively small, it clearly elucidates that the I-gel appears to be efficacious in insertion characteristics.

This study was a randomized prospective comparative study. A proposed fiber-optic scoring system to standardize the assessment of laryngeal mask airway position. The mean airway sealing pressure in the PLMA group All other studied parameters showed insignificant differences between the two devices. Both PLM and BM are essentially dual channel supralaryngeal airway devices with the provision for separation of airway from gastric tract. Mallampati Class I — II.

We compared the clinical performance of the I-gel and Pgoseal in terms of the efficacy and safety management in anesthetized patients on controlled ventilation, undergoing elective surgical procedures with respect to airway sealing pressure, ease of insertion, insertion attempts, fiberoptic assessment, ease of gastric tube placement, and complications.

Neuromuscular block was achieved with rocuronium 0.

Comparison of the i-gel and the LMA-Unique laryngeal mask airway in patients with mild to moderate obesity during elective short-term surgery. Anasthesiol Intensivmed Notfallmed Schmerzther.


Airway morbidity after use of the laryngeal mask airway LMA Proseal vs. An observational study of the I-gel. Duration for which the device remained in the oropharynx in minutes. To compare insertion characteristics of 2 different supraglottic devices [I-gel and Tnesis laryngeal mask airway PLMA ] proseql to observe any associated complications. None, Conflict of Interest: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. There were no incidences of bronchospasm, laryngospasm, aspiration, regurgitation, and hoarseness in both the groups.

proseal lma thesis

The ProSeal laryngeal thsis In an earlier pilot study, we found mean sealing pressures of Anaesth Intensive Care ; This was recorded with the head resting over a 6 cm head ring Table 3. This mean difference of 5. However, it may be argued that a short placement time of the BM by 5 sec as compared to PLM may not be of much clinical significance.

proseal lma thesis

Second, being devoid of an inflatable cuff, time to inflate the cuff and volume adjustment as required in PLM, is not needed. Br J Anaesth ; A novel supraglottic airway without inflatable cuff.

I-gel supraglottic airway device with non inflatable cuff Org. None of the patients had dysphonia or any other complications in either of the groups.

Comparison of clinical performance of the I-gel with LMA proseal

This demonstrates that the short learning curve of 15 BM placements is sufficient for its correct placement. Eur J Anaesthesiol ; Adequate ventilation was achieved in both the groups. Only the successful attempt time was counted. We have had BM of 3, 4 or 5.


Comparison of clinical performance of the I-gel with LMA proseal

The shape, softness and contour accurately mirror the perilaryngeal anatomy to create the perfect fit, so that compression and displacement trauma are significantly reduced and has cheaper manufacturing costs due to the simplicity of design. Laryngo-pharyngeal complaints after use of the laryngeal thesid airway. A randomized, crossover study with the standard laryngeal mask airway in paralyzed, anesthetized patients.

However, if insertion failed at the second attempt, patient was withdrawn from the study and insertion was recorded fhesis a failure and a cuffed endotracheal tube of appropriate size was inserted.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. The mean amount of air removed after 30 and 60 minutes were observed to be 2. Adults of either sex, 2.

The following parameters were recorded as primary airway sealing pressure or secondary outcome measures. Cause, prevention and treatment. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.