The data set consists of 34 clubs spread over a time frame from valid entries adding up to a sample size of Excitement 34 Due to the scope of the thesis the questions regarding the attitudinal and behavioral loyalty dimensions are not considered except for 3. In addition, the ignorance of outcome measures of potential and non-customers. This, however, this raises the question of marginal profit, which is the difference between marginal revenue what a player contributes to the club and marginal cost the price, salary, and other expenses spent on the player. Predicted Value -2, 2, -, , Standard Error of Predicted , 3, 1, , Value Adjusted Predicted Value -,95 20,67 9,75 3, Residual , 32, , 8, Std. Therefore, future studies should employ different scales for verifying the current results.

Most of the brand associations and especially the attitude held by consumers are not controlled by the firm. School of The Ohio State University. Brands and brand equity: Brand equity is a vital asset that sports organizations are increasingly learning to leverage and thereby direct and augment their marketing efforts. Some progress was recently made toward establishing reliable and valid scales that are able to measure consumer-based brand equity CBBE.

Esteem is positively related to match attendance. If you play well they will come—and vice versa: As for instance, the overall amount of money spent on players, represented by the fourth variable buyp of the model, which is sve to differ between first and second division teams. These statistics show a sample with a minimum of valid responses.

Attributes product-related – To what degree do you agree with the following statements? Assuming that at a higher age an employment is provided, the regular higher income would support the relevance of financial matters. Chi-Squaredf 3 Sig.


Brand equity is a vital asset that sports organizations are increasingly learning to leverage and thereby direct and augment their marketing efforts. The highest mean with a value of ca.

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The general issue of managers and their control over the performance and success of a team is well-known. The highest value of top5 shows a value of four OM participation in four of the available six tournaments whereas the lowest value is zero. Even if several clubs and stadiums are located in a certain district a fan will mostly choose only one of those.

Journal of Sport Management, 16, This indicates that the feeling of accomplishment in the first division could be higher based on the greater availability of tournaments e.

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Deviation N of Items 8,25 3, 1, 2 H. Some outliers can be detected in the scatterplot more than 3.

sbe boun thesis

Marital Status with and without partner on Match Attendance- R Warnings Post hoc tests are not performed for How many matches are attended in the last season? At this point an assessment of the differences between the financial analysis and customer-based approach regarding product-related attributes and their effect on either ticket sales or match attendances is examined.

Furthermore, the small group sizes regarding the teams limit the use of statistical techniques for comparison between groups. The major patterns and trends are persistent throughout the following tests and investigations on demographics, regardless of the adjustment.


For instance, spectators33 who value the presence of star players attend about one game less per season. CBBE arises when the customer is familiar with the brand and holds some promising, robust, and exclusive brand associations in memory. Socialization is positively related to match attendance.

sbe boun thesis

It should be noted that around 70 percent of the clubs are not involved in any kind of tournament, regardless of the division; hence, attending and especially winning a tournament is tehsis complex objective to follow. Furthermore, the view is limited by the general fact that asking someone about their perception, attitude or associations of a certain service may not coincide with the action taken in a real life situation.

Diversion is positively correlated to match attendance. Nevertheless, Gladden et al. Evidence from NCAA thesiw.

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In addition, the ignorance of outcome measures of potential and non-customers. Product-related attributes are positively related to match attendance. Therefore, the value suggests that there is an increase of Log In Sign Up. Robert Merrin 2nd Supervisor: The outcome measures function as proxies for brand equity and cannot be applied universally for all firms. The descriptive statistics of this sample show she values ranging from 3.

sbe boun thesis

Welch4 78,Brown-Forsythe4, a.