Single cell oil production from Mortierella sp for generation of biodiesel feedstock- a feasibility study. Solar dryer with backup and storage system. After that, they will be awarded with the M. Skip to main content. Plant and rhizosphere mediated phosphorous solubilization In: V, and Ramasamy Kumarasamy

The minimum eligibility for M. D priogramme but may be offered a choice of transferring into a Masters programme by maintaining the required credits in the subsequent trimesters. Production of Gibberellic acid by some isolates of Fusarium spp. Agricultural Grauduate Student Conference Microorganisms in Phosphorous Nutrition and Crop growth. Tarfree syngas production from Biomass.

Isolation of phosphobacteria from soil. Publications List annexed-Annexure I S. Microbes for rice production. Log in with Facebook.

tnau thesis list

Our team will look into it. Biotechnology from SAUs with four year undergraduate degree.

Fundamentals of Microbiology – Practical Work Book. Sc Sugarcane Technology English Bachelor degree in agriculture or any professional degree with three years of work experience.


Tamil Nadu Agricultural University – [TNAU]-, Coimbatore – Admission Details 2019

Fermentation Technology- Practical Work Book. Sericulture Agrometeorology Passed in B.

No Course Taught Credit hours. Mutualistic association of Beggiatoa spp. Students can file a request for re-evaluation or re-totalling in the prescribed format along with the fees to the Controller of Examination, Tanu, within 30 days after the declaration of result.


Environment Science from SAUs. Influence of Azospirillum, Azotobacter and phosphobacteria on growth and yield of mulberry Morus alba L. A candidate is allowed to apply for only one subject under Ph.

tnau thesis list

tthesis Novel Delignification process for biomass deconstruction of woody biomass and corn cob under filing II. Humbard and Julie A. Research Papers — Peer reviewed 4. Remember me on this computer. D in Design M. Coimbatore, Madurai, Killikulam and Mettupalayam. Evaluation of Biphasic system for biomethanation of vegetable wastes.

D in Architecture M.

Thesis – School of Post Graduate Studies

Bachelor degree in agriculture or any professional degree with three years of work experience. Design and development of aero-generators for low wind speed areas.


Biotechnological investigation of cassava peelings for biomethanation. Biotechnology lst any farm university. Daphy Meurial, and U.

Design, Development and application of solar tunnel dryer for industrial level of drying of sago starch. Mysore Journal of Agric.

tnau thesis list

Modeling of gasifier based system for thermal applications. Study of Alkaline Fuel cell for environmental friendly electricity production. Laboratory Manual on Techniques in Microbiology.

Accomplishments of Regional research Station, Paiyur.